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The influence factors of ndfeb magnetic material _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-03
Ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers today small make up just explain what factors determine the ndfeb magnetic material performance, how to use technology to improve magnetic properties, and how to avoid magnets performance loss not in use. Summary of strong magnetic material composition and production process determines its innate magnetism can, in a strong magnetic products, its working environment, Including temperature, humidity etc. ) Will affect its innate magnetism can play, improper use of words, there will be a permanent demagnetization. 1. Composition of raw materials on the influence of strong ndfeb magnetic ndfeb strong magnetic as the name suggests is made up of rare earth neodymium metal, pure iron and boron powder metallurgy process made of magnetic material, in order to further enhance ndfeb magnetic, can in the ternary system Nd - Fe- B material on the basis of further add other elements, but the element addition on the properties of magnets impact is likely to be a two-way street, should be based on the use of strong ndfeb magnetic occasions specific requirements to determine the add elements on the properties of magnets. 2. Production process of ndfeb strong magnetic in order to obtain high performance ndfeb permanent magnet, the influence of new technology and new technology constantly emerging. In the process of sintered NdFeB production, the main problem is to prevent & alpha; - - - - - - Separation and alloy of Fe phase oxidation, hard to get ideal microstructure, to solve these problems, in the practice of constantly emerging new methods and technology, for example: add antioxidant, lubricants, and magnet which was prepared by rapid quenching to jilt with; A process of casting ingot homogenizing treatment and; Bipolar prepared process; Wet compression molding process, etc. Add antioxidant biggest advantage is to reduce the oxygen content of the final magnet, magnetic powder can be more fine grinding at the same time, this will help improve the coercive force, also due to reduced oxygen levels, but also to improve the coercive force. Compared with the traditional process, adding antioxidant intrinsic coercive force magnets can raise around 160 ka/m. Smaller friction between the magnetic powder after add lubricant, improve the liquidity of magnetic powder, improve orientation degree, thus improve the remanence. By using sling with ndfeb with thickness of 0. 25 ~ 0. 35 mm can completely eliminate & alpha; - - - - - - Fe phase. Because use sling with legal powder anti-oxidation ability enhancement, smaller grain size magnets, coercive force have improved greatly. 3. Work environment can the influence of temperature on the strong ndfeb magnetic: strong ndfeb magnetic strict working temperature limits, higher than the working temperature of magnet is may appear the phenomenon of demagnetization, and higher than Curie temperature, magnet demagnetization will be irreversible. Humidity: sintered ndfeb is using powder metallurgy process and forming of magnetic material, its internal structure there is a gap, easy oxidation, so sintered ndfeb coating is adopted to improve the anticorrosion. But the plating does not fundamentally deals with the influence of environmental humidity on magnet. The dry environment, magnets, magnetic can more durable. The above content from the Internet collect ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers website, focus on this site, focus on the latest development of more magnets.
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