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The horn ( The speaker) Magnet related question answer _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-03-31
General radio or TV as long as we all know that the sound of electronic equipment will have a speakerphone, a lot of curious friend remove magnet and found inside the horn will exist, we magnets manufacturers call it the speaker magnet, so what is the speaker magnet? Why have a loudspeaker magnet? 1, what is the speaker magnet? Is simply a speakerphone magnet is the horn that produce sound inside the magnet. Speaker magnet fixed magnetic field, voice coil current flows audio, with magnetic field to produce change, drive the paper bowl movement, movement when producing a sound wave. So the speaker is also called electromagnetic speaker. 2, why loudspeaker has a magnet? Simple, loudspeaker magnet is used for voice, without the magnet, speakers will not sound. 3, the horn is the greater the magnet? It's not, the more general speaker magnet magnetic, acoustic conversion efficiency is higher. Previous speakers use ordinary magnet magnetic is not very strong, so the general is the magnet is larger, the better, and now some of the speakers are used ndfeb strong magnet, their volume is not large, but the electroacoustic conversion efficiency is higher than the magnet 4 big horn. Principle of trumpet magnetic trumpet is actually a kind of electrical energy into sound a conversion equipment, when different electron energy to coil, coil produces a kind of energy with magnet magnetic field interaction, paper plates, vibration caused by the interaction because the electron energy at any time change, loudspeaker coil will forward or backward movement, so the speaker's paper plates will follow movement, this action in terms of the air changes and produce sounds. (4), horn of magnets are mainly common ferrite magnet and ndfeb magnet. Ordinary ferrite magnets are mainly used for the low-grade headphones, 2 - Three pieces of goods, quality is bad, no good for the ingredients for the headphones. Ndfeb magnets used in high-end headphones, quality first-class, good elasticity, the details as well as in vocal performance is good, sound field positioning accuracy. 5. Speaker magnet magnetic weakened will not affect the sound quality? The answer is will. Because of the horn sound principle is through the magnet and current caused by vibration, so when the speaker magnet magnetic abate if it's so big of current situation, the sound of the size and frequency would change, performance on the quality and volume is changed, of course will influence. This long-term supplies the speaker magnet, if you have any requirements can itu the home station customer service hotline.
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