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The highest grades N55 brand magnet ndfeb is? _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-06
N55 neodymium magnets to be higher than N52? The theory of ndfeb magnet ( bh) A maximum of 512 kj/m3, 64 mgoe) Most of the magnet manufacturers, can now produce n52 magnets. N52 ( bh) Max has reached 90% of the theoretical limit. Many users problem is in the heart, have a stronger than N52 magnets level? Small make up to introduce today. N55 magnet is one of the strongest commercial magnets. The intensity of rare earth neodymium magnets is in mgoe - 24 55 mgoe range measurement, this brand of neodymium magnets stronger than N52 5 - 6%. How much is the N55 ndfeb magnet noe? In order to guarantee the n55 magnet has the ideal of saturation magnetization, manufacturers will no longer use heavy rare earth metal elements such as to improve the coercive force of magnets, n55 magnet of the highest working temperature is only about 60 degrees Celsius. Attached N55 permanent magnet demagnetization curve note: N55 neodymium magnet magnetic force is very strong, any one may cause fracture, use should be especially careful.
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