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The future development of sintered ndfeb industry in China

by:Newland     2020-05-04
The rare earth materials prices rising trend, is expected to exceed 500000 / ton. Sintered ndfeb prices, industry in the fierce competition, the small scale, weak enterprise will face a severe test, fail, mergers and acquisitions, etc. It is difficult to avoid. Of course, for the amount of sintered ndfeb in China in the next five years will still be growing steadily, and high-end products, such as VCM, MRI, electrical market share will be more and more big. The development of Chinese sintered ndfeb will usher in another climax. From the perspective of the process of sintered ndfeb significant technical progress is difficult to expect. In this area mainly is to further understand, digestion, improve the existing technology. The performance of the sintered ndfeb in the following aspects: ( 1) To further promote the hydrogen crush technology, ( 2) To further promote and perfect technology, ( 3) Dual alloy method could be a breakthrough. From the perspective of the equipment in the future work includes the following several aspects: ( 1) 600 kg to jilt belt furnace promotion; ( 2) More than 100 kg or 200 kg mold ( Square double cold) The development of melting furnace; ( 3) We will continue to improve the rotating disc single cold melting furnace, the capacity of each furnace should be able to reach 1 t or 2 t; ( 4) A new generation of hydrogen crush furnace design and promotion; ( 5) Complete AFG400 airflow mill design and promotion; ( 6) Perfect automatic press ( Including automatic feeding and automatic billet and encoder) ; ( 7) To solve the single room on the sintering furnace, medium and the problem that temperature difference is too large; ( 8) Design, production, promotion of continuous sintering furnace. Look from production operation mode, ndfeb factory in China is more conveniently small or large, starting from smelting, until the sintering. Don't like Japanese companies, alloy factory is only responsible for dumping belt, magnet factory finish milling, sintering process, etc. In the next few years, China is also likely to alloy factory with magnet factory part as Japan's, even further, establish several milling center. Establish milling center is an advanced, accord with the concept of modern industrial division of labor further refinement. From the perspective of the security, capital investment and technology to the manufacturer to provide hydrogen crush magnets powder will be more market. Also can consider to add jet mill, let the user directly using grinding good magnetic powder. Due to the output of pulverizing center is very big, so it can purchase ability's biggest jilt belt furnace, melting furnace, furnace hydrogen crush and airflow mill ( For example, a AFG400 airflow grinding efficiency is equivalent to 5 ~ 6 conventional AFG200 airflow mill) 。 It makes smelting cost and pulverizing cost greatly reduced, milling center can provide lower than cost pulverizing ndfeb manufacturers of magnetic powder. Let's wait and see.
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