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The first domestic rare earth permanent magnet metro passenger

by:Newland     2020-05-05
The reporter learns from electric car era: changsha city rail transit line 1 permanent magnet traction system has passed before the passenger review, China's first listed 'metro' rare earth permanent magnet has been in changsha metro line 1 in passenger service. According to introducing, rare earth permanent magnet in changsha city rail transit line 1 train traction system is our country the first column with the metro trains of the traction system of rare earth permanent magnet. At the beginning of 2015, completed the overall design scheme of rare earth permanent magnet train traction system. In March 2016, the main train was put into trial operation. As of July 7, the train has completed 12500 kilometers trouble-free commissioning inspection. 'Compared with the ordinary subway train, rare earth permanent magnet traction system, train the biggest difference is that the more efficient and energy-saving permanent magnet motor as power, help promote green travel. 'Electric car era, deputy general manager, the chief engineer is to introduce, traction electric drive system is implemented in rail transit vehicles driving' heart 'of the unit, its performance to some extent determines the dynamics of the rail transit vehicle quality, energy consumption and control performance, is one of the core system of rail transit vehicles. Traction system energy consumption accounts for about 40% of the total energy consumption in the rail transit system 50%. The latest test results show that rare earth permanent magnet of the train traction system than traditional asynchronous traction system, train traction energy consumption can reduce about 11. 5%. Given the traction system of renewable energy, the comprehensive energy consumption of the traction system of permanent magnet can reduce about 30%.
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