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the family who took in florida school shooter nikolas cruz has spoken of the ‘killer we didn’t know’

by:Newland     2019-11-03
Florida shooting suspect Nicolas Cruz appeared in the scene of a fight with a student in 2016, with Florida school gunman Nicolas Cruz fighting with classmates.
Photo source: footage of a fight between Florida school shooter Nicolas Cruz and classmates has appeared.
A year before last week\'s shooting of 17 students killed, Cruz fought with other students in the courtyard of Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School in a mobile video.
In ABC, Cruz, in kha cloth, white T-
The shirt and black headscarf can be seen on his neck struggling with some students.
In the video, when other students charge Cruz and cause him to fall, Cruz seems to wave his arm.
According to ABC, the video was taken on September 20, 2016.
The network said Cruz was suspended for two days after the battle.
This was one of several incidents that led to Cruz\'s dismissal from the school.
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Shirt, fighting with students in a video taken by his school that was crazy killing people.
Image source: it is reported that this video appeared after Cruz\'s younger brother worked on mental health facilities.
The New York Post reported that authorities on Friday took someone from the home of brother Cruz\'s longtime family friend, Roshan Deschamps, who took them in after his adoptive mother died of pneumonia in November, according to the Palm Beach Post.
A friend of Deschamps confirmed that Zachary Cruz, 18, was taken from home next week.
According to the Baker Act in Florida, Cruz\'s brother involuntarily committed a crime under which he could be held involuntarily for up to 12 hours for an involuntary psychiatric examination.
It is not clear whether he was released.
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Picture: AFPSource: AFPNikolas Cruz left the Lantana mobile phone home at Deschamps around Thanksgiving because he and Deschamps quarreled over the gun.
\"He bought a gun and wanted to bring it into my house,\" she said in a comment posted on her Facebook page, according to the newspaper.
Family friend Chad Bennett said Deschamps gave Cruz an ultimatum and Cruz \"chose the gun and he left.
A family lawyer in Cruz told the newspaper that he moved with his family to the north of Broward County.
The Palm Beach Post said it was not known if Cruz\'s gun to Deschamps was AR-15 semi-
In a mass shooting Wednesday at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, Cruz killed 17 people with an automatic rifle.
James Snyder and his wife, Kimberly, are gunmen in Florida.
Picture: Susan Stoke/South Florida Sun-
By APSource Sentinel: AP \"the monster we don\'t know is the family of the Florida school shooter Nicolas Cruz who talked about\" we let this monster live under our eaves, we don\'t know \"and reveal the last sentence they said to the teenager who killed 17 people:\" Is it, Nick? Really?
\"In an interview with South Florida Sun Sentinel James and Kimberly Snyder, they brought Cruz into their home three months ago at the request of their son, he said, the teen killer is immature and depressed, but seems to be getting happier and happier.
They say they don\'t know how he turned into a mass killer.
\"This monster lives under our roof, we don\'t know,\" Mrs. Snead told the newspaper . \".
\"We did not see this side of him.
Her husband added: \"Everything everyone seems to know, we don\'t know.
\"It\'s so simple.
When Cruz walks into Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, use his AR-
15 assault rifles
Cruz\'s only adoptive mother died of pneumonia in November 1.
Before moving in, he spent some time nearby with a family friend.
They soon realized that he was depressed by his mother\'s death.
Sneads account for clues-
Before the mass shooting, a teenager who survived the attack attacked US President Donald Trump\'s relationship with the powerful National Rifle Association, where thousands gathered in Florida, urgent action is required for gun control.
On February, people appeared in the Broward County court for the first time in protest against the National Rifle Association through a video link.
Image: AFPSource: three days after the Cruz attack, 18-year-
Old Emma Gonzalez spoke warmly to a group of students, parents and residents of the nearby financial times. Lauderdale.
\"It\'s shameful for every politician who accepts NRA donations!
She slammed Trump\'s millions in anger.
His campaign was backed by dollars from gun lobby groups.
The crowd shouted in turn: \"You are really shameful!
Trump praised \"we will be the last mass shooting \". . .
\"We will change the law,\" she vowed . \"
Attacking facts 19-year-
Despite the disturbing history of violence, old Gunner Nicolas Cruz was able to legally buy semi-automated guns.
\"The question of whether people should be allowed to have automatic weapons is not a political question.
\"This is a matter of life and death and needs to stop being a political issue,\" Gonzalez told AFP after his speech . \".
Emma Gonzalez spoke at a gun control rally in the Federal Court of Broward County, Fort Lauderdale.
Picture: Mrs. Snead said that the shooter at the AFPFLORIDA school was \"very naive\" and Cruz had been looking at the therapist but did not want to take the medicine.
They said he was an obedient guest and they allowed him to hold a gun.
Cruz had a lot of guns and they asked him to put them in the locked safe.
Mr Snead thought he had the only key but later found out that Cruz had his own.
The couple said Cruz was smothered when he was a child and he didn\'t know how to cook, how to wash his clothes and they had to teach him to use the microwave.
\"He was naive.
He\'s not stupid. He\'s just naive . \"
Their lawyer, Jim Lewis, defended the couple.
\"What else can this family do to get this young man on track?
Jim Lewis told The Sun.
Cruz appears at the Broward County Courthouse in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
Picture: AFP: \"They tried to do a good thing and it was a terrible mistake for them.
Meanwhile, President Trump attacked the FBI over school shootings, suggesting that an investigation into Russia\'s possible intervention in the 2016 election could affect the agency\'s ability to investigate the killer, Nicolas Cruz, before the attack.
The FBI received a message last month that the suspect in the Florida school shooting had a \"desire to kill\" and a chance to get a gun that could be planning an attack.
But the agency said Friday that the agents did not investigate. Florida Gov.
Rick Scott called on FBI Director Christopher Ray to resign.
Trump has often criticized the FBI for its partisan bias.
In a candlelight vigil for victims of mass shootings, mourners.
Image: AFPSource: According to Sneads Cruz texted their son
Until someone asked him which classroom he was in.
The sneers heard about the shooting from their son, who had not been named, and they began to understand that Cruz was responsible for the attack after the police raided their house.
The sneers reunited with their son at Sheriff Broward\'s headquarters after he was interrogated by the police and released after they realized he was not involved in the shooting.
While they were waiting with the police, a handcuffed Cruz was taken into the building.
Mrs. Snyder said she tried to run to him. “Really, Nik? Really?
She said she yelled at him.
\"He said he was sorry. He apologised.
\"He looks like he\'s lost and he\'s completely lost,\" said Snyder . \"
\"That was the last time we saw him.
Part of the article was originally presented in the New York Post and re-published after permission was given here.
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