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The factors affecting the service life of the brushless motor _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-03-29
The service life of the brushless dc motor simple explanation brushless motor life how long commonly? What are the factors affect the service life of the brushless motor? Today is the two questions to tell everyone a good. Usually have a motor of the working life in a few hundred to over 1000 hours in a row, to use the limit will need to replace carbon brush, otherwise easy to cause bearing wear. And the service life of the brushless motor is usually in the tens of thousands of hours of the order of magnitude, but because of the difference of bearing brushless motor service life also can have very different. Three factors influencing the service life of the brushless motor. A, 1 motor itself factors, bearing life ( Once the bearing damaged need to replace bearing)   2, magnetic steel demagnetization ( The populace, the magnetization) unless you will 3, coil problem ( General ageing time for more than 10 years, how to avoid the coil aging? This don't let coil temperature is too high, to ensure the good heat dissipation, this can increase the life span. Overheating burn, of course, also belong to this category. )   Second, the artificial operation factor because there are differences between the operating personnel technical level of the motor, and cause undue errors in operating the motor, such as just starting stop; Super load starting; Failure to launch, the damages of brushless motor, thus influence the service life. Third, if environmental factors under the bad environment, corrosive gas, high humidity, vulnerable to environmental factors and the damage electrical performance and mechanical performance of the motor. Above is about the life of brushless motor is introduced, the company mainly provides the magnet brushless motor, has the need to welcome consulting service.
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