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the exotic blue flame-places to be.

by:Newland     2019-11-04
The name alongside the \"blue flame\" gives people the rare illusion that the signature restaurant does not have.
So when our hostess Teresa greets us with a warm smile, we don\'t know how many better things will happen.
We have broccoli, zucchini and mushroom muffins on our table with lobster butter and beef bacon oil.
As the bread melts into our mouth, resist the strong desire to fill, we read the menu carefully and creatively added dishes called \"drama\" and coo on the menu, the display tray has juicy slices of beef and Angus meat.
We tried two dishes.
The beef carpaccio is like you will get, and there is almost a raw salt experience in your mouth.
With smoked pears, gorgonzo Ramus, Pine sauce, truffles
Curedtenderloin gently lands on the tongue and unties the internal organs with a pleasant one.
Grilled octopus with sparkling sauce and saffron Italian sauce is also delicious, avoiding the toughness I usually think.
The lobster soup is followed by hot king crab salad and coconut lemon grass. It is delicious.
On the main course, we chose the big grill which was about to be known in the restaurant.
King prawns with saffron Italian sauce, truffle mac and cheese and lovely side dishes such as garlicspinach, white asparagus and wild mushrooms are all delicious, healthy and crisp. But the piece-de-
Barbecue beef ribs are a resistance.
Braised for 24 hours, good food-
Suitable companion like celeriac salad, small onion rings and three in one
The potato chips made are simple.
Like the ideal Cherry above, the dessert perfectly complements the meal.
The inspiration for chocolate is best in the chocolate Kingdom: hazelnut giandua, chocolate mousse, cappuccino foam, frozen cocoa and ivory gannaqi.
The Blue Flame combines the art of excellent food, excellent service and beautiful environment, and is gradually becoming one of Dubai\'s favorite.
All film lovers will follow the Dubai International Film Festival. The star-
The Dubai International Film Festival will be held at the elegant MadinatJumeirah venue on December 9 --16.
The 2012 response to 2012line up was incredible, and DIFF received a record number of 2,100 films produced in 32 languages from 115 countries.
The number of films submitted by UAE film makers has also increased, and some of the region\'s leading filmmakers have won Film Awards for their work. dubaifilmfest.
American R & B and soul singer Messi Gray, Irish village
On December 6, lyricist Messi Gray performed in the Irish village.
Grammy Awards-
The winner will beautify the stage with her very successful \"I Try\", \"Beauty in the world\" and her new version \"cover --
Her amazing new cover song collection.
The concert starts at 9: 00.
At zero o\'clock P. M. , the ticket price is Dhs175, which is available in the Irish village. irishvillage.
Emirates-based Egyptian artist Hazem Mahdy presented his first solo show at the Carbon 12 Gallery on Al Serkal Avenue, Dubai.
The exhibition is an insight into the abstract concept as an entity, although not a whole concept, but it is a flow concept that needs to be translated and synchronized constantly.
In Madi\'s artist\'s vision, the body and mind are used as symbols to transcend any holistic or binary method.
The exhibition lasted from December 10, 2012 to January 10. carbon12dubai.
Com 4 festive brunch enters the festive spirit to sample a Christmas brunch at Ember Grill & Lounge at The Address Dubai Mall.
Try a variety of cuts and seafood, plus live bands.
The brunch Price with soft drinks and juice is atDhs285;
And Dhs385 for unlimited choice of drinks and champagne. theaddress.
Try 180-com 5 Winter Escape
Minutes of the \"ultimate diamond experience\" and free afternoon tea at the spa.
The ceremony begins with the magnetic treatment of diamonds, using real crushed diamonds to remove energy through nd magnets.
Dhs1, 750 offer is valid until December 24. spa.
The address is Dubai.
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