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The encoder multipole magnetic ring, have you ever seen?

by:Newland     2020-03-21
Encoders, magnetic ring, continue, is used in some copper in the encoder, such as magnetic encoder, hall sensor, magnetic encoder shaft encoder and so on, with the magnet material mainly composed of injection molding magnetic. Recently, see the company of a new magnet samples, is also a injection magnetic products, different from other injection molding magnetic, magnetization way of it is not the same as the number of inner ring and outer ring, sonar, is below this, see small make up for the first time. Through the understanding, the injection magnetic is also applied to the encoder, as for the specific use in what encoder xiaofu also not too clear, so the number of magnetization of magnetic ring that you have met? Above the encoder magnetic ring samples we have ready now, welcome to sample. Ricky - card Main all kinds of motor motor magnets, such as encoder multi-polar magnetic ring, sensors, magnetic ring, pump rotor magnet steel, has the magnetic steel demand dear friends welcome to contact. Click to view card Ricky more injection magnetic ring: WWW. 勇气, 磁铁。 com/chanpin/chanpin_232_1. html
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