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The emergence of electromagnetic pen magnet use as much as you think! _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-07
Pen inside the magnet? Heard yet? Microsoft released SurfacePro electromagnetic pen, as well as keyboard folio TypeCover and SurfacePen handwritten pen, Microsoft is also on the protective sleeve provides a place of stylus entrainment, as for the location of the pen to set aside some notebooks, but this seemingly thoughtful design is not very convenient to use. Foreign media provides the other four placed stylus method, take a look at: 1, on TypeCover cases, there is a groove between magnetic stripe and keyboard parts, you can put the pen, there is both secure and convenient. 2, if you don't use cases, then can also be used in sideways SurfacePro will stylus posted on the right side of his, AC connector of the magnet is in this, but just enough to absorb handwritten pen. 3, if you end up with SurfacePro, then can be handwritten pen on the left side of the fuselage above, or on the left side of the lower part, handwritten pen will also be magnetic adsorption. Note that the middle part no. 4, with the third method in the same way, when use SurfacePro sideways, you can be handwritten pen on the lower left side of the screen, or the lower right side. Foreign media suggest that we use the first method, handwritten pen that place will be more strong, pen bags with magnets, have more use together. Magnet is finding wider and wider application in our daily life, thus it can be seen in the late powerful magnets to any enterprise or individual demand will also increase. Focus on ndfeb strong magnet factory network, focus on more powerful magnets related information dynamic.
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