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The effects of strong magnet for smart meters experiment

by:Newland     2020-04-13
What is the effect of strong magnet for smart meter? Effect big? Article will through experiment that the effects of strong magnet for smart meters. Currently, watt-hour meter installed in special metering box, commonly used cable pipelines, inlet and outlet, metering box with a lock, power supply department through the list box on the small window for meter reading. Therefore, if use the power of conventional methods, such as bypass meter current coil voltage coil, external, changing the watt-hour meter device, bypass the metering device, or change the meter appearance or external connection, or destroy the original seal, power supply department meter reading personnel or electricity supervisory personnel are easy to find. Recently appeared with a strong magnet adsorption on the metering box location near the watt-hour meter, method is hidden, easy to remove, and had a tendency to spread. So the strong magnet power principle and preventive measures is of great significance. Below small make up by strong magnetic power experiment demonstration to introduce the impact of smart meters to strong magnet. Put strong magnet at table behind the box, by changing the magnetic field intensity in the table, make the CT magnetic saturation, inside the meter reduce electric meter measuring electric current, with little damage to the seal case, achieve the goal of power. This table is three phase four wire fees charged with smart meters, operating normally. Meters affected by strong magnets, current value by 5. 50 becomes zero. 30 a, power loss of about 94%. In order to verify the influence degree of the magnet, electric meter before the internal disturbance waveform oscilloscope for observation. Strong magnetic interference waveforms almost become a straight line, after TA secondary side induction the normal proportion of current, and the corresponding current amplitude decreases. Articles by magnet factory card Ricky to arrange to share. Magnet products fast navigation: ferrite magnet ndfeb strong magnet magnetic components
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