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The difference between the ndfeb strong magnet and ordinary magnet

by:Newland     2020-04-08
Whether ndfeb strong magnet or general magnet poles are all constant, but we can use technology to put a magnet filling out a number of extremely, premise condition is even, that is a magnet to have several N pole and relative to the amount of a S pole. Magnetism is subject to the influence of the external environment, for example, the Curie temperature change, other magnetic field or electromagnetic field interference, etc. Different material of the magnet, the degree of demagnetization is different also. To make magnetic magnet subsided again have magnetic, can only be used for getting magnet magnetization magnetization way again. Metal magnet, that is, it is often said of ndfeb strong magnet, ferrite magnet magnetic better than general, this is because after the metal magnet magnetic surface magnetic field intensity is bigger. This is decided by the physical properties of different magnetic materials. Ndfeb strong magnet surface treatment can be divided into: galvanized epoxy gold-plated nickel plated black zinc plated, no matter what kind of plating, electroplating technology engineers need to know the characteristics of ndfeb strong magnet. Ndfeb magnet powder metallurgy class, surface activity is relatively large, pay special attention to during phosphating, can not hurt ndfeb magnet surface characteristic, surface layer of the product or plating out will not level off is smooth, hardware accessories and electroplating electroplating magnets involves the formula is not the same, but the plating process and equipment are the same. The magnet factory should pay special attention to when choose plating supplies to discuss. Before plating fillet to do reasonable Angle, the Angle of the small not easy to plating, big Angle can cause the appearance of product size is too small, not accepted by clients. Electroplating process operation, the working voltage of the tuning is scientific and reasonable, bath water temperature is appropriate, not pay special attention to any one aspect, will make the plating effect was not up to standard, the requirement of the salt spray test pass it. On an article: what is the special magnet next up: the role of ndfeb magnets do salt spray test and related concept introduction
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