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The difference between the motor magnetic ring and the magnet

by:Newland     2020-03-24
On hearing the motor magnetic ring, a lot of people think is a ring of electronic components, so called the circular, but it's not like that, there are many kinds of motor magnetic ring, so called the circular or ferrite beads and so on, so called a lot of calls, below we together and see it. Motor copper itself they shape similar, it is easy to mistake, the best way is to look have magnetic, know who generally are magnetic hard magnetic, so-called hard magnetic is also called permanent magnet or a magnet. Magnets can be divided into positive and negative poles, three iron magnet ingredient has four oxygen. Dynamo magnets used in speaker, buttons, use widely. Circular and everyone know, apart from its material, made of ferrite materials, are generally for anti-interference, its composition containing iron oxide, nickel oxide and zinc oxide, etc. A lot of people in order to reduce the cost and add magnesium oxide or reworked material, so-called reworked material is damaged during production and transportation, there are gaps, through recycling, the match point of raw materials, to make out, the performance of the circular is not too good, because it is after the first sintering, in the second sintering, the circular and the impedance of the burn. Difficult sintering is also in the production of copper, the difficulty of a single step, be sure to control the furnace temperature, temperature fever out magnetic ring is important m didn't cook mature rice, high temperature and the circular and the impedance of the burned down, so the most important in this step. Circular and generally used in a variety of online in injection molding, some directly deduct the equipment line, anyhow there is interference is inseparable from it. Circular and it is not like a magnet magnetic, as well as the positive and negative poles, the positive absorption, the cathode instead. And the circular, there is no positive and negative poles, without a positive and negative poles is not magnetic. The circular on electronic equipment is commonly used in impedance function, prevent clutter signal into the outside world, it can make the normal operation of electronic equipment, have the effect of peak. Motor copper and magnets are very different, with the introduction of them just a small part, in many industries has been very widely used, more knowledge about the motor copper and magnet, welcome to our company news and information. Our motor column: circular and related products sintered ferrite multi-polar magnetic ring bonded ndfeb injection magnetic ring related motor copper articles; Motor copper how to choose? Choose to choose to go or Ricky magnet card factory motor magnetic ring
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