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【 The difference between the dongguan powerful magnets and ordinary magnet 】

by:Newland     2020-05-02
【 The difference between the dongguan powerful magnets and ordinary magnet 】 Whether it is a powerful magnet or ordinary magnet polarity is not change, but we can through the technical means to the same magnet filling out a number of extremely, conditions are even, that is a magnet can have several N pole and a corresponding S pole. Magnetic will be weakened by the influence of the external environment, for example, temperature change, the interference of other magnetic or electric fields, etc. Magnets of different materials, different degree of fade. To make magnetic magnet has a magnetic again subsided, only using the magnetization of the magnet magnetization way again. Metal magnet, also is what we call the strong magnets, better than the average magnetic ferrite magnet, because the metal magnet magnetic after the appearance of magnetic field strength is bigger. It is determined the physical properties of different magnetic materials. Powerful magnet processing is divided into: the appearance of zinc plating nickel plating gold plated black zinc plated, epoxy regardless of the electroplating, plating engineer to understand the characteristics of ndfeb strong magnet. Powerful magnets belongs to powder metallurgy activity is bigger, appearance should be independent in phosphating, not hurt a powerful magnet appearance features, otherwise the product appearance that electroplating will not level off is smooth, metal plating and electroplating magnets related formula is different, but the plating process and equipment are the same. The magnet factory pay special attention to when selecting plating supplies to discuss. Before plating chamfer to do reasonable point of view, small point of view is not easy to plating, too big of viewpoints and can produce the size of the product is too small, not by customers. Electroplating process, voltage adjustment should be reasonable, bath water temperature is appropriate, any link was not well done, can make out the effect can not meet the requirements of electroplating, the requirement of the salt spray test pass it. Strong magnets, magnets, magnet, magnet, ndfeb magnet, rare earth permanent magnets
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