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The difference between strong magnet and ordinary magnet

by:Newland     2020-03-09
The magnetic poles of strong magnets or ordinary magnets remain unchanged, but many poles can be filled with the same magnetic pole, even the magnetic poles with N poles and corresponding S poles. The influence of external environment, such as temperature change, interference from other magnetic fields or electric fields, will weaken the magnetism. Magnets of different materials have different resolutions. In order to remagnetize the rotten magnet, only magnetization can remagnetize the magnet. Metal magnets, which we call strong magnets, are stronger than ordinary ferrites because the surface magnetic field of metal magnets is stronger after magnetization. This is determined by the physical properties of different magnetic materials. The surface treatment of strong magnet can be divided into galvanized, nickel, epoxy, gold, black, zinc and so on, no matter what kind of electroplating, electroplating engineers should understand Nd-Fe-B characteristics of strong magnets. Strong Magnet belongs to Powder Metallurgy and has high surface activity. When phosphating, special care should be taken not to destroy the surface characteristics of the strong magnet. Otherwise, the surface of the plated product will not be smooth. The relevant formulas of electroplated hardware and electroplated magnet are different, but the electroplating process and equipment are the same. Special attention should be paid to the selection of electroplating power supply for magnet factory. Before the plating of the inverted angle should be reasonable, too small angle is not easy to electroplating, too large angle will lead to product size is too small, not accepted by customers. During the electroplating process, the voltage adjustment should be reasonable, the water bath temperature should also be moderate, no link is done well, the electroplating effect does not meet the requirements, and the relevant salt spray test cannot meet the requirements.
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