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The difference between samarium cobalt magnet and ndfeb magnet _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-02
According to the material classification is divided into samarium cobalt magnet and rare earth permanent magnet ndfeb magnet. Samarium cobalt magnet and what is the difference between the ndfeb magnet? A samarium cobalt magnet, main raw material is composed of samarium, cobalt and other rare earth metal material proportioning, smelting alloy, after grinding, molding, sintering, made of a magnetic material. The main raw material of ndfeb magnet is neodymium metal, pure iron, boron, sintering suppression from three main raw materials. Second, the processing characteristics of two kinds of material is very brittle, relatively speaking, ndfeb easier for mechanical processing. Three, the maximum magnetic energy product of samarium cobalt magnet maximum magnetic energy product is 32 m, ndfeb magnetic energy product is biggest 52 m. That is to say, it will beyond the samarium cobalt magnet ndfeb magnetic a lot. Four, ndfeb magnets and heat-resistant properties of heat-resistant is not very ideal, only suitable for the working environment of 230 ℃. Heat resistance properties of samarium cobalt magnet is better than ndfeb magnets, can work at a temperature of 230 ℃ to 350 ℃. Five, the price is the same volume of cases, samarium cobalt magnet is higher than price of ndfeb. Six, samarium cobalt magnet surface usually do not need surface treatment, easy oxidation of ndfeb surface plating treatment.
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