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The difference between rare earth magnets and ferrite magnets, do you really understand?

by:Newland     2020-04-11
Magnet is the object of the magnetic field, the magnetic field on the magnet does not contact the metal case attract certain metals from the distance. Some of the magnets are produced naturally, some of them are man-made. Although there are many different types of magnets, magnet are two of the most popular man-made and rare earth neodymium magnets, ferrite magnet today to tell you about some of the difference between the two. Advantages and disadvantages to introduce the two rare earth magnets and ferrite magnets are permanent magnet type, they are all made of a material, the material once with magnetic charge, unless the damage, otherwise it will remain magnetic for many years. However, not all of the permanent magnet is the same. The strength and resilience of rare earth and ferrite magnets, each are not identical, because they are made of different metal alloys. Magnets, ferrite magnets for years, are all natural magnets, like lodestone ( 吸引人的东西) It is a kind of magnetic iron ore. In 1952, the first made by ferrite magnets. By made of ferrite magnets, engineers can do anything they want the magnet shape. Through the careful manufacture made from the mixture of ferrite magnets, can produce magnetic field is stronger than nature. Ferrite magnets are cheaper, more powerful, soon became popular. Ferrite magnets are also referred to as hard ferrite magnets or ferromagnetic. They are made of strontium and barium ferrite. Rare earth magnet rare earth magnets have two types: samarium cobalt magnet ( SmCo) And ndfeb magnet ( 钕铁硼) 。 SmCo, ndfeb magnets are called 'rare earth', because they are made of elements in the periodic table of rare earth ( Lanthanide) Element. SmCo magnet is developed in the 1970 s, it is the first production of rare earth magnets. Ndfeb magnet went public in 1984. Ferrite and the relative strength of rare earth magnets, magnet of the magnetic field strength with BHmax or maximum energy product to quantify, BHmax or maximum energy product with mega gaussian oster ( MGOe) To measure. The higher the BHmax, the greater the power of the magnet. Ferrite magnets BHmax is 3. 5, SmCo BHmax for 26, ndfeb rare earth magnets, is the most powerful BHmax is 40. Ferrite on the thermal stress of rare earth magnets relative resistance magnets in heated to a certain temperature ( The Tmax) After will begin to lose strength, therefore should not be in the operating temperature. However, when cooled to below Tmax, they will regain strength. Ferrite magnets Tmax is 300 degrees Celsius, Tmax is 300 degrees Celsius, SmCo magnet ndfeb magnet Tmax is 150 degrees Celsius. If the magnet is heating temperature is much higher than Tmax, it will eventually be called Tcurie temperatures by demagnetization. When the magnet heating to the Curie outside of place, once the cooling will not be able to recover. T of ferrite magnet Curie value is 460 degrees Celsius, SmCo t Curie value is 750 degrees Celsius, summary of t Curie value is 310 degrees Celsius. Ferrite magnets with rare earth magnets relative durability of in addition to the resistance to thermal stress, also can resist other stress. Ndfeb magnet is fragile, difficult to machining. They are also easy to corrosion. Slightly lower brittleness of SmCo magnet, also hard to processing, but the high corrosion resistance. SmCo magnet is also the most expensive type of magnets. Than SmCo ferrite magnet and ndfeb magnets, low cost, good resistance to demagnetization and corrosion resistance. The benefits of each ferrite and neodymium magnets have different benefits. Ferrite magnet magnetized easily. They are very resistant to corrosion, generally does not require additional coatings for corrosion protection. They can withstand the demagnetization of the magnetic field. They are better than natural magnets, although many other types of magnets are better than them. They are relatively cheap. Neodymium magnets are the most powerful of all the permanent magnet. A piece of neodymium magnets than any other types of magnets of the same size can be raised a lot more. They are very resistant to the outside world the demagnetization of the magnetic field. The disadvantage of each ferrite and neodymium magnets also have different shortcomings. Ferrite magnets is very fragile and easy to broken, they cannot be used in a lot of pressure or under bending machine, if exposed to high temperatures, More than 480 degrees Fahrenheit) And they will be degaussing. They only moderate intensity of magnetic field, need not suitable for the application of strong magnetic field. Neodymium magnets are relatively more expensive than ferrite magnets. They are easy to rust, additional measures must be taken to protect them from corrosion. Neodymium magnets is also very fragile, will crack under the pressure. If exposed to more than 175 to 480 degrees Fahrenheit ( Depending on the use of alloy) , they will lose its magnetism. That is about the difference between rare earth magnets and ferrite magnets, the magnet suppliers in dongguan card finishing editing of Ricky networks. Guess you concern associated with this article articles; What is the strong magnetic and magnetic? With strong magnetic magnetic image contrast
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