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The development of rare earth permanent magnet generator _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-03-28
In the early 1820 s the world's first motor is the magnetic field produced by permanent magnet excitation & ensp; Permanent magnet motor.   But when used in the permanent magnetic material is a natural iron ore, Fe3O4)   With the development of permanent magnetic material, after & ensp; Successively developed aluminum nickel and cobalt permanent magnet motor, permanent magnet motor, and so on, but because of this a few kind of permanent magnet magnetic can not & ensp; Is high, the large size of motor.   But after the advent of rare earth permanent magnet, the research and development of the permanent magnet motor and the rapid development of the process and the development of rare earth permanent magnet materials.   After the advent of samarium cobalt magnet, & ensp; Japan has made use of samarium cobalt permanent magnet rotor 1 mw / 1. 25 kv / 4 pole & ensp; /小时 Insulation level of the synchronous generator with weight and size is reduced by using the conventional rotor about one-third, efficiency 2. 2%.   But rare earth cobalt permanent magnet is expensive, & ensp; Its use mainly in the field of aviation and space flight with motor and require high performance and price is not the main factor of the high-tech field.   Since the price is relatively low and rare earth ndfeb permanent magnet after the advent of the research and development of the key at home and abroad to work & ensp; Industry and domestic load on board. Into the 90 s, with the summary of rare earth permanent magnet magnetic & ensp; To improve, the improvement of the thermal stability and corrosion resistance, and gradually reduce the price, greatly promoted the permanent magnet motor & ensp; Development, research and development of rare earth permanent magnet motor into a new stage. On the one hand, rare earth permanent magnet generator is & ensp; To the high power ( High speed, high torque) , high functional and miniaturization direction. On the other hand, the prompt & ensp; Permanent magnet generator design theory, calculation method, structure technology and control technology and so on have also made a sudden fierce & ensp; In the development of the.   The progress of science and technology and the continuous development of permanent magnetic material, greatly promoted the development of permanent magnet motor, phase & ensp; The developed a permanent magnet synchronous motor, permanent magnet brushless dc motor, permanent magnet disc motor, permanent magnet bearingless motor & ensp; Special motor, and promoted the permanent magnet wind turbine capacity increasing, 1993 wind & ensp; Typical stand-alone power generator capacity is 250 kw, 2000 in 500 to 750 kw, 2006 to 1. 5 mw, mesh & ensp; Before the commercial operation of the wind turbine capacity has reached to 2. 0 mw and above.
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