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The development of ndfeb magnet

by:Newland     2020-05-04
1. Products: the development of ndfeb magnet since its invention in 1983 in the past ten years development, after nearly a decade development soon, China 360 tons in 96, the Japanese production of 2000 tons, the output 1000 tons, but by 2006 China's production of 60000 tons, the output 2000 tons, few other countries, the world's production of ndfeb sintered and glued together with 100000 tons ( Which bond 20000 tons) 。 2. Enterprise: 1998 years ago in the western world is faster than China's development, China's development is slow. But so far, the only four companies with only a also, the only carrier in the United States, Europe, and China has more than one hundred, so China is the world's magnet production country, but not power. 60% of China's production in zhejiang, the other in shanxi and Beijing and tianjin region, sales base in shenzhen, ningbo and Beijing. 3. The development of performance: the development of ndfeb performance is dependent on the technology of the perfect and the use of advanced equipment developed rapidly. The best performance in China 96 years ago as N38, the world's best N48, by 2006 China best for N52 world is best for N52 ( Mass production) , performance improvement, soon China magnet performance improve faster, China has gradually transferred from producers to produce power. 4. Technology development: the first process is wet, using toluene or gasoline as protectant, ball mill production, performance is low, later developed into the dry process production ( Jet mill) To improve the performance, but the best performance is N45, are but since the invention of the sling with ( SC) Process performance has been greatly improved, the mass can achieve N52 do. 5. The development of the equipment: the ball mill to jet mill, broken ingot casting slice to hydrogen, unitary sintering furnace of continuous sintering furnace, simply press the automatic press, equipment development technology breakthrough is the key to improve the performance of cost reduction. 6. After the development of processing technology: early waste ndfeb magnet subsequent processing technology is monotonous and also big, main processing craft slice, line cutting, punching, centerless grinding, vertical mill, etc. , with the rapid development of the magnets used in the field of growing, processing technology and equipment also changed a lot, sets of holes ( Improve the comprehensive utilization of the material) , set of tile, ground tile, new processing technology is widely used, such as the double side grinding for the magnet to reduce costs, improve the accuracy.
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