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The development of electric vehicles and summary in the application of electric cars _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-02
The development of electric vehicles and summary in the application of electric cars & ensp; With the deepening of the global energy crisis, depleted of oil resources and the impact of atmospheric pollution, global warming intensifies, governments and automobile enterprise general recognition to energy conservation and emission reduction is the main direction of the future automobile technology development, development of electric vehicles will be the best way to solve the two technical difficulties. Electric cars because of environmental characteristics, and therefore represents the development direction of automobile industry in the future. At present, the basic of the electric car research and development at the same starting line, the gap between each other is not very big.     According to relevant data display ( Here are the re-edited information on electronic and paper) : although our country lags behind that of developed countries in the field of traditional automobile nearly two hundred and thirty years, lost the opportunity to catch up, but in the field of electric vehicles, degree of industrialization of the technology level of our country and abroad and the gap is relatively small, in the same starting line, and have the chance to get important seats in the field. This also to realize leaping development for our country automobile industry technology provides a historic opportunity, more important is the advantage of backwardness and in our country. At present, the electric car research and development already have a certain foundation, some enterprises in the mid - 1990 - s introduced the electric car prototype.   From China's energy resources and environmental conditions, also called for the future of China auto industry must explore new train of thought. In China & other; Weaving & throughout; Since the electric car was officially listed in national research projects, investment in electric cars increased significantly. China's car companies and universities, research institutes and so on more than 200 units invested a lot of manpower, financial and material resources, research and development of electric cars, and obtained a series of scientific research achievements. “ The ninth & throughout; During the project included in the key state science and technology industry, development of the electric car project is listed in the national & other; 15 & throughout; With & other; 11th five-year plan & throughout; Period, the electric car is listed in & other; 863' The plan one of 12 major projects, the national standardization technical committee in 1998 set up a new car electric car vehicle standard tumble technology committee. Ministry of Science and Technology and major r&d projects launched in 2001, the electric car, electric vehicle technology and industrialization level in our country and abroad in the same starting line.   At present, our country in fuel cell vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles, pure electric vehicles, and other fields in the independent research and development of a breakthrough unceasingly, already have a certain basis, research on automotive battery mass breakthrough has been made, make our country preliminary build up the independent intellectual property rights in the field of electric vehicle technology system, by developing their own electric cars, patent application, establish relevant technical standards, to protect our car industry, and is expected to open up new growth point for Chinese auto industry, demonstrates the future of the electric vehicle technology development prospects. Operating in the commercialization of electric vehicles in China, no matter from the technical or from the aspects of market development, are also faced with many problems to be solved, such as the electric cost than the same level of gasoline version of the models to be much higher, this is a major cause of its always can't batch production, this needs the government's strong support. For example, to speed up the related technical standards, regulations on energy saving, environmental protection car tax breaks and subsidies, providing convenient conditions in the infrastructure construction, etc.
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