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The development history of ferrite materials _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-05
Ferrite magnetic materials and metal or alloy magnetic materials is one of the most important difference between electric conductivity. Usually the resistivity of the former is 102 ~ 108 & Omega; · Only 10-20 cm, while the latter 6 ~ 10 - 4Ω · 厘米。 The earliest Chinese contact with ferrite is BC & ensp; 4th century natural ferrite are found, magnetite, Fe3O4) , the Chinese invented the compass is made use of this natural magnetite. By the 1930 s the development of radio technology, urgently requires very low loss at high frequency of ferromagnetic materials. And ferroferric oxide resistance rate is very low, can not satisfy this requirement. Industrial university in Tokyo, Japan in 1933 the first created a containing cobalt ferrite permanent magnet material, was known as the OP a magnet. 30 ~ 40 s, France, & ensp; Japan, & ensp; In Germany, the Netherlands and other countries have carried out the research work of ferrite, the Dutch physicist Philip laboratory J. l The snooker in 1935 developed a variety of excellent performance of spinel structure containing zinc soft magnetic ferrite, industrialize production in 1946. In 1952, the room J. J。 Venter became etc were developed to & ensp; BaFe12O19 for permanent magnetic ferrite as main ingredients. This kind of ferrite and 1956 G of the room. H。 Yong Kerr, et al. study four VHF magnetic ferrite with similar hexagon structure. E in 1956. F。 Umberto and F. F also reports the ferrimagnetic Y3Fe5O12 results of the study. Substitution of ions Y Pm, Sm, Eu, Gd, Tb, Dy, Ho, Er, & ensp; Tm, Yb and Lu and other rare earth ions. Because this kind of magnetic compound crystal structure is the same as the natural mineral garnet, so call it garnet ferrite structure. So far, in addition to 1981 Japanese cedar this man is made of super light quenching method, the amorphous structure of ferrite materials, from crystal chemistry point of view, are not beyond the above three types of crystal structure. Do most is to suit the new USES and modification and in-depth research.
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