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The development course of China's magnet industry

by:Newland     2020-05-01
At present, the global economy has entered an information age, as a kind of functional material, magnetic material of the position more and more important. Four categories: the current main commodity magnets in the 1930 s the development of aluminum - Nickel - Cobalt permanent magnet ( AlNiCo) ; In the early 50 s development of ferrite magnet; Development of samarium - at the end of the 60 s Cobalt magnet ( Sm- Co) , including the first generation of rare earth permanent magnet - SmCo5 and the second generation of rare earth permanent magnet - Sm2Co17; In the early 80 s the development of rare earth permanent magnet ndfeb ( Nd- Fe- B) 。 While rare earth permanent magnet, especially ndfeb magnetic material is the most important part of the permanent magnet material in the fastest growing, growing at 10% a year on average. The emergence of China magnet industry in China later than the western developed countries, the starting period is between 1969 to 1987. Because of the high cost of the rare earth permanent magnet, samarium cobalt magnet, less demand of domestic market, so to the early eighty s has not formed their own magnet industry. Ten years of 1987 ~ 1996 is the first stage of the magnet industry started to develop in China, its characteristic is low starting point: due to the small investment, equipment simple, basic completely homegrown production equipment, backward management concept, is still limited to small-scale production mode. Five years from 1997 to 2002 is the second phase of the development of Chinese magnet industry, its characteristic is the starting point is much higher than previous stages: investment strength, introduction of foreign advanced technology equipment, able to organize production according to the advanced routing, product quality is generally belong to the medium. Since 2003, the development of China's magnet industry will enter the third stage. The characteristics of the enterprise set up will be 'three highs', namely, a high starting point, high input, high return: 1) Products aimed at high-end magnet required for specific purposes; Huge investment scale, the introduction of the advanced production line; 2) According to the concept of modern management, organization of intensive segments associated production: magnet production is divided into two sections - Master alloy/powder production and preparation of magnet investment significantly reduced, the efficiency is greatly improved; 3) According to the rule of operation of capital operation, to ensure the magnet industry of higher returns. Especially may be introduced from abroad the most advanced or USES the domestic advanced production lines, production of high-grade magnet products. In the 21st century, the developed countries of the magnet production due to the high cost, is unsustainable and the magnetic material industry transfer to China or the third world regions, China as the preferred country. Some world famous bullish on China, magnetic materials manufacturing enterprises such as Japan TDK, FDK, EPSON, Hitachi sumitomo special metals, etc. , South Korea's pear tree, sanhe, magnetization, PHILIPS in Europe, Germany and VAC, EPCOS, American ARNORD, MAGNEQUENCH has shifted to China. World magnetic material production to China, enhance the overall strength of China magnetic materials industry, improve production technology, speeding up the China became the world for the construction of the magnetic material production bases and sales market.
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