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The depth of ndfeb industry report: high performance ndfeb magnet star of tomorrow!

by:Newland     2020-05-04
Strong magnetic, small size magnets to the future development of high performance ndfeb magnet, ndfeb magnet with high temperature resistance, strong magnetic, small volume, and many other advantages. With the breakthrough technology, has developed rapidly in recent years, the current production volume is close to the traditional ferrite, the alternative trend is obvious. With the continuous development of new energy vehicles and robot industry, high performance ndfeb rising demand, is expected to become the future development direction of magnets. Capacity expansion has gradually shift to China and high performance ndfeb magnet co. , LTD. , subject to the environmental protection pressure and the rising cost of production abroad, global ndfeb constantly shift to domestic capacity, currently has a total capacity of up to 90% in the world, around the global supply ndfeb. High performance ndfeb magnets due to technical threshold is higher, more is given priority to with customized products, expanding production is difficult. 2017 - our judgement In 2019, our country high performance ndfeb production capacity of about 4000 tons, 8000 tons, 10000 tons, global capacity is about 5. 30000 tons, 6. 10000 tons, 7. 10000 tons. Five areas demand growth high performance ndfeb magnet tight balance between supply and demand in the future, as the wind power new energy cars, energy saving, and the development of the industrial robot, the growing need for high performance magnets. At the same time the elevator and demand are frequency conversion air conditioning field. 2017 - our judgement In 2019, the global total demand for high performance ndfeb magnet is about 5. 20000 tons, 6. 20000 tons, 7. 30000 tons, is expected to present tight balance between supply and demand. Industry a drop in the all-time high inventory at the same time, the industry structure continues to improve. Benefit from rare earth gently rising stock price elasticity is higher than the mark, rare earth accounts for about 70% ndfeb costs, prices and ndfeb prices appear high correlation. Because ndfeb industry raw material stock up period is longer, usually 3 - 5 months, moderate rare earths prices, which is beneficial to gradually raise prices and enjoy in stock value. From the historical trends, rare earth price upward cycle, ndfeb elasticity of the underlying stocks higher than that of rare earth mark, we finished judgment with the relevant departments of the integration and rare earth's advance gradually, at the bottom of the rare earth price interval has been established, the future is expected to enter a gently rising channel, ndfeb is expected to become the focus of rare earth permanent magnet plate.
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