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The density of the magnet? _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-03
Small make up to want to introduce to you today, in many kinds of magnet, ferrite, AlNiCo, SmCo, NdFeB material and so on, also can be divided into more classes according to the forming method, the density difference is very big also, now more common several kinds of magnetic material density, below please everybody together and see it! 1. Under normal circumstances, can be the density of sintered ndfeb is used to do the magnet can be approximately 7. 5 grams per cubic centimeter. 2. Side into a magnet and can suppress the density of bonded ndfeb is about 6 grams per cubic centimeter. 3. Some sintered ferrite can usually be made into a magnet, then its density is about 4. 9 grams/cubic centimeter. 4, injection ferrite, density of about 3. Eight grams per cubic centimeter. Three of the above, it is in daily life, you can often see the magnet species density.
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