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the crime of my life

by:Newland     2019-09-09
\"These days I tend to be mysterious and British mysterious,\" said a retired senior teacher in Philip Ross\'s \"human stain . \".
\"After a period of turmoil in the family, she found the comfort of the mysterious order and the closed narrative. I can relate.
Last spring, after some unexpected holes in my own life, I also turned to mysterious things, mainly because they were the only things I could focus on.
Since then, my pastime has become a habit, and I have added several contemporary writers (
Dennis Lehan, Reginald Hill, James Lee Burke, Thomas Perry, Sarah Shankman, indescribable Mark Beem)
For the new books I snapped up (
Leonard, Carl shiassen, eccentric Friedman).
After a presidential election without a decisive split, in an economy that looks wobbly, I suspect I am not the only one to be comforted in a mystery novel.
Much of this comfort comes from how mysterious things remind us why we first started reading novels: a solid joy involving stories.
Of course, language is important in all novels.
Clumsy writing can even kill the smartest premise, and in a good genre, cliché articles can stop you from catching a cold.
But no matter how sophisticated we are as readers, I don\'t think that those who are attracted to the novel will ever exceed the voice we are eagerly asking for inside, the trouble is, I often feel that people who write novels have grown up.
When I pick my own path in a bunch of \"literary\" novels, I often feel that the author thinks that storytelling is superfluous, and maybe even the vulgarity of the novel can be rid.
What I\'m talking about is not just the obvious bad writing, but the carefulcrafted prose (
What did you find in Claire mesoud\'s \"Another Life\" or Tony Earley\'s \"Boy Jim)
This gives you no reason to care about anyone or anything in it.
Writers should be able to change various rules and conventions, but even novels that choose to observe events must allow readers to gain some shares when turning pages.
Of course, the reputation of mysterious novels as poor cousins of literary novels is not entirely unfounded.
They deal with the narrow range of human experience, because they have to follow certain types of conventions in order to be satisfactory, so the mystery is often less willing to take risks, the form is not very rich, and the psychological features.
Then, in the two major schools of the mysterious genre, there is a cliché of national character ---
English and hard workboiled.
The British mystery reminds me of the scene in the meaning of life in Monti Python, when death popped up at the Bourgeois dinner and told the hostess that the canned salmon mousse she provided was poisonous.
\"I feel very embarrassed,\" the humiliated lady told her guest.
It is absurd that British people think that etiquette and correct behavior should always be the most important thing.
The brutal invasion of everyday life by murder proves that the restoration of any order can only be fragile at best.
On the other hand, America\'s hard
Boiling school is its own stupid prey. Hard-
Boiled writing provides another comfort: it is cynical to think that everything is corrupt, and it is wise to do the best we can.
The two schools are still strong, but the series of mysteries I have read in the past year have shown me that the work of this type of best talent cannot be easily divided into two.
To give a recent example, Val McDermid\'s place of execution is probably the most ingenious mystery I \'ve ever read, starting with a classic British police procedure, and then an adventure, in the past 100 pages, the content of popular meta-novels has entered, providing an amazing new perspective for everything before.
It blew me out.
Here is a highly personal list of crop cream I like and some advice for readers seeking the same advice.
Comfort and edge: Josephine Tai\'s precious few Inspector Alan Grant\'s novel and the Albert campien mystery of Mary Arlingham make you in the 30 s of the UK-
Shrouded in the misty streets of London, there are scoundrel lurking under the gas light, or the English village, where gentlemen and eccentric locals are in uneasy contact.
To be sure, happiness is familiar and elegant, but not static.
They will make you feel very enjoyable.
Tey and Allingham are economic writers whose books are filmed with a dry wisdom that makes Jacques balzun describe the classic English mysteries of this period as a high-rise(
Bertrand Russell is another devotee. )
Sometimes these books even make fun of this already good type
Established convention.
When Bertie Wooster announced to Jeeves that he is spending an evening with the latest thriller, you can imagine that what he is reading is Allingham\'s greatest book, smoke, is another matter.
It deals with post-war British malevolent grievances in a way that suggests strange kinship with Angus Wilson\'s \"middle aged lady\"
Elliott and BritishThe attitude of the Saxons
Recommendation: The sign of fear or the murder of black Dudley;
\"Daughter of the times\", \"franchise\" and \"Candle first order\".
\"Familiarity breeds content: it\'s easy to understand why writers who make a living out of genre novels see it as a trap.
If you\'re writing a series and you\'re tied up by the same key characters, and found a way to avoid his or her quirks and crises that sound like familiar problems with friends you \'ve learned to avoid.
For a long time, try to continue and continue to attract readers in the series (
Dalziel and Pascoe series like Reginald Hill, it\'s been 30 years now)
Need unimaginable discipline
But a great mystery series can be similar to a 19th-century novel. -
This is a rich experience that allows readers to live with a character for years.
It\'s easy to see the mysterious story of Dave robicio of James Lee Burke, Mackenzie of Dennis Lehan and Gennaro\'s novels and Thomas Perry\'s great Jane
5 entries, younger)
It\'s like every book is a huge novel, and there are a few issues to be published, a way to satisfy the reader\'s hope that the favorite book will never end.
It may even be that the more readers, the less concerned they are about the plot of each new adventure;
These stories serve as an excuse to spend more time with characters they love.
Of course, the tension in a good series lies in the terrible and exciting possibility that everything built will be destroyed in the blink of an eye.
Recommended: more books for Lehane, Burke and Perry are listed below.
But it should start first with the first series of each series, Lehane\'s pre-war drinks, Burke\'s Neon Rain, and Perry\'s act of disappearing.
\"Many of the secrets of Reginald Hill are out of print here.
\"The Wood Beyond\" is an up to date title that is still available and it is a good starting point. Robert B.
Parker\'s Spencer series is still strong.
The first two, \"Look for Rachel Wallace\" and \"Judas goat\", have made you well into the series.
They are also entertaining.
The better part: Some people think crime novels are literary works (
Or not so literary)
Equivalent to action movies: a fantasy of the reactionary mob of most male audiences.
However, this attitude does not explain the large number of female mysterious readers and authors, nor does it explain the increasing number of female detectives (
Or, why are so many mystery bookstores owned and run by women ? ).
Most importantly, it ignores one of the most delightful surprises of the British mystery story for me: women have a strong presence even in male character-led Books.
English crime novels are full of smart, capable, and strong female characters, most of whom are married to police officers (
I should say Detective Inspector).
These women may be secondary roles, but they are hardly secondary.
They provide a valuable perspective from outside the police work world, which is mainly male, and represent all aspects of life that may be lost in the spouse\'s determination to complete the work.
Perhaps their appearance is related to the golden age of mysterious things in Britain-in their 30 s-dominated by women (
Thai, Arlingham, Dorothy
Sayers Ngaio Marsh).
Alingham\'s Albert campien met his future wife Amanda in his teenage years in the \"fear sign.
She admitted that she was his soulmate when she said very pragmatically, \"Look here.
I\'m not ready for about six years. But then --
Well, I want to put you first on my list.
The British mystery man continues the tradition of a strong spouse.
Recommendation: Reginald Hill gave his wife Peter Pasco, Ellie, a scholar, a feminist, a firm liberal;
I met her for the first time in biulla heights and was immediately fascinated by her.
If you\'re not, you\'re harder to crack than I am.
Inspector John Maddon of Rennie Airth\'s \"River of Darkness (
This is the first entry for an excellent new series)
It\'s a sharp, no engagement.
Nonsense doctor Helen Blackwell
Rough justice: for all the comfort that mystery offers, their secret appeal is that they express our common discomfort with the inadequacy of our basic institutions and the potential violence in modern life.
In his keen New York book review of Richard Price\'s land of freedom, Luc Santer writes that one of the oddities of contemporary fiction is that, it has abandoned television themes such as police, courts, prison systems and government ---
Once attracted a novel writer.
In our main institutions, only academia remains the common subject of literary fiction.
In addition to the crime novelist, I can\'t think of any major writer in the United States dealing with the judicial system or government affairs.
In American crime fiction there is a tendency for duty officers, heroes are usually detectives, who do things because they work outside of the law, or traitor police officers who keep getting angry with their restrictions. (
In British crime novels, Police account for the majority of detective novels, which shows greater confidence in the system. )
We are afraid that certain bad people will evade the law, and criminal novels usually make a sharp distinction between law and justice.
This does not mean that mysterious things will cater to the conservative worship of law and order;
Questioning how our institutions operate, who has power in them, and what kind of people they fail, these are the foundations of free thinking.
But in their best case, the mystery operates under the constraints of conservative and free thought, balances the sense of justice, sympathizes with the victims, and realizes how corruption and convenience distort the objectives of the police and the courts, it is also suspected that humanitarian impulses attribute all crimes to social ills, not the ugly side of human nature.
Information Anxiety: mysterious things tend to solve social changes and social problems more easily than literary novels.
Jane Whitefield series by Thomas Perry-
In this case, the information, basically the information sold by each detective, becomes both a threat and a prize ---
This is perfectly illustrated. Jane is a half-
Seneca \"guide\" that helps people in trouble disappear and build new identities \".
Her clients range from abusive spouses to innocent pawns in dirty deals with employers to really annoying characters ---
If not as annoying as those who go out and kill them.
Jane did not comply with the law at all.
All over the country, she rented the perfect fake ID card and cash in the heating pipes in her basement, provided dozens of different names of credit cards and licenses for herself and her clients.
She does not hate the law, but she knows the limitations of the law.
Technology makes Jane\'s threshold higher and higher.
The availability of information is getting higher and higher, and our requirements for ourselves are getting higher and higher (
For example, an I must be provided. D.
Before boarding)
Make Jane\'s work more difficult in each book and add excitement to the series.
Perry, both luck and inspiration, conceived a series to explore the reduction in our privacy and how we can use the information we collect about us to determine who we are.
As Perry described, technology challenges the promise of the United States as a place where people can create themselves as they like.
The role of Perry, with the help of an Indian, to hide with the identity they made, shows that an American is constantly trying to close its borders and betray its promise.
Recommendation: there are 5 Jane Whitefield novels so far, all of which are good. \"The Face-
The changers and the latest blood money are both highlights, and both of these demonstrations show that no one is writing his character very tight better than Perry.
Reduced Violence: The most interesting male hero in the novel, continuing the hard tradition of the United States
The fiery crime novels are often full of contradictions about the violence they resort.
No writer can better illustrate the limitations and fun of hard work.
James Lee Burke and Dennis Lehahn
The disgust expressed by their heroes sometimes sounds false, because it is inconsistent with the way Burke and Lehe use violence because of their inner excitement (
Especially Lehane, he can move on over the top).
However, it is surprising that even when it is felt necessary, the violence in their book almost never brings the feeling of victory.
This is because Burke and lehern do not cherish what violence means to invade your life.
Maybe someone is killing the dragon and we will appreciate it, but it never seems to be an attractive job.
At the end of Lehan\'s pre-war drink, his heroes Patrick Kenzi and Angie Gennaro executed a drug dealer who abused, maimed and murdered under the collusion of powerful allies, he will continue to do so if he is not blocked.
\"There are people, you either kill them or you don\'t care about them because you will never change their mind,\" said Angie.
\"It may sound flip-flop or cold, but it raises a question that may not have an answer: how do you deal with those who only understand for sure, this is the critical moment of revenge
This is also an honest description of an untenable choice: to allow someone to be killed, or to take an action that will keep you sleepless and feel unclean.
Recommendation: \"Darkness, Hold My Hand\" (
The most extreme of the series;
It should be called \"darkness, grab my throat, hit me until I cry uncle \")
\"Pray for the Rain\" and \"Go, baby, go.
Burke: Black Cherry Blues, prisoner of Heaven (
His opinion on 30-year-old Byron de la Bevisyears-
Charged for the murder of Medgar Evers)
\"Cadillac record player\" and the latest \"purple crutch Road\" feature a role that imitates the likes of Jimmy skegart and President Clinton. Other hard-
The secret and writer worth reading is James Gram\'s great last kiss, the first two novels of the newcomer Ace Atkins, the intersection blues and everything that leaves \"the great Ross MacDonald, better writers than the creator of daishir Hamit or Raymond Chandler and Lu Archer, it is the most gentleman of all American rubber shoes.
MacDonald\'s best books include cold, outdoor. of-
Print the Doomsday (
You might be in the old-book store)and \"The Zebra-Striped Hearse.
\"Interesting thing: it\'s a compliment to Burke and Lehan\'s ability to get us involved because they don\'t have humor most of the time. (
Especially Dave robsiox of Burke, who is the most ethical and conscientious person. Painful torturein-the-
The ass hero that readers will still care about. )
But it has been lurking in the midst of hard romanticism --
The boiling crime fiction Academy is just a comedy for writers like Elmo Leonard, Carl Hiassen, and especially the late Ross Thomas (
One of the greatest and least important
Famous American mystery writer, perhaps the most interesting writer I have ever read)
It looks a lot more complicated. World-
Although these writers are Americans, they are at the core.
They send out cheerful cynicism and accept deception and evil as gifts, but still retain enough local power --
Be optimistic that these assholes can be defeated in their own games.
Their book is about American corruption comedy where villains can\'t help but give up on themselves.
All three are telling stories, spinning their plot lines like a juggling actor, and when he drinks cocktails to relax, he has enough confidence to keep the ball high. But Thomas (
All the books that keep \"Briarpatch\" are disgraceful out of print)
Still the absolute master.
Recommended: Thomas is close to the peak in the martial arts trilogy--
\"Opportunities for China\", \"edge\" and \"Voodoo Co. , Ltd\"
\"Missionary Stew\" lives up to its title and Edgar-
Winning \"Briarpatch\" is aces.
Hiaasen\'s \"Stormy Weather\" is as heartbreaking as W. best. C. Fields. His two-
The fingers of \"tribute\" to Disney World, \"tight skin\" is particularly rough, and his latest \"sick puppy\" is angered, screaming and romantic.
Leonard\'s early humor-
The books that have been cooked are ironic and grim.
\"Split Image\" and out-of-
Printing \"unknown person 89\" is the best.
His latest work, rum punch (
The foundation of Quentin Tarantino\'s Jackie Brown
\"Invisible\" is pure happiness.
The eccentric Friedman is almost always wet. your-
Levi\'s funny, especially in J.
Edgar Hoover \"and\" Armadillos and Old Trafford \"read like a\" in-range home \"sung by a pervert \".
The books of Samantha Adams by Sarah Shankman are the best examples of southern stories, especially \"digging mom\" and \"then hanging all the cheaters \".
Partner in crime: one of the pleasures of being a mystery fan is to feel like you belong to a community of readers.
The mystery bookstores have a lot of credit. They are often small and independent.
I love the convenience of large bookstores, but browsing them can be an overwhelming experience.
They made me feel like I was one of the zombies in the night of the Living Dead, walking slowly down the aisle and desperately taking a bite from something that always managed to escape me.
The smaller the size of the mystery bookstore, the owner can get to know the customers, make suggestions, and guide them to do what they may have missed.
And this is often done between customers. (
I can\'t remember the last time I talked to a stranger in a bookstore. )
It is possible to walk into a mystery bookstore (
Like my favorite New York store Black Orchid
If there is no specific book, tell the person who works there what type of book you dig and leave with three of the four things you won\'t find.
It was a very gay experience.
When someone tries to prove the effectiveness of popular writers, it is almost inevitable compared to Charles Dickens.
He seems to be a perfect inference: popular, installment writing.
But comparing him with a mysterious writer leaves out one of the most important things: Dickens is a genius, and he has the scope and power to go beyond his plot and emotions ---
A serious defect of the writer with less gifts.
The most appropriate comparison may be those writers who are not \"literary\", but their works are still widely read: Arthur Conan Doyle, Edgar Rice balles, and more matureG. Wodehouse. (
If they are not forgotten, I will add names like John Mead fakner and Thorn Smith. )
This is where Hammet, Chandler and MacDonald are in the league.
This is a glorious bloodline.
Despite their determination to attack Marcho clichés, the best mystery work is about the last stop.
In contemporary fiction, mystery is the last refuge for natural artists.
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