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the complete guide to: tuscany

by:Newland     2019-11-11
Where do I start?
All of Tuscany\'s roads lead to Florence, the region\'s largest city and one of Europe\'s premier tourist attractions.
You can stay here for two weeks but still can\'t see every masterpiece of the Florence museum and church.
Uffizi Gallery (
00 39 055 294 883firenzemusei. it)
Italy\'s most popular art collection will take you to the best of the day.
Start at 8. 15am-6.
50 per day except Monday.
Tickets can be booked (booking fee €4)
294 883 by telephone 00 39 (Mon–Fri 8. 30am–6. 30pm, Sat 8. 30am–12. 30pm)
Or through the website of the museum, or at Orsanmichele (10am–5.
30 per day except Sunday)
Or in Uffizi itself;
Booking online and Booth Orsanmichele is the best option.
You can also taste the huge art collection of the Piti Palace, the sculptures of bagello, the cathedral Opera House, and the sculptures of the college (
Like Uffizi, pre-
Booking is essential as everyone wants to see David from Michelangelo Kiero)
The stunning murals of St. crozi, Santa Maria Novella, Santa Maria del carming, San Marco, and San tisima anonzita.
Details of the main tourist offices in Via Cavour 1 (
00 39 055 290 832firenze. turismo. toscana. it), Open 8. 30am-6. 30pm daily (Sundays to 1pm).
Oh, of course, you can\'t miss the cathedral and the washing hall, you will go crazy to Florence if you don\'t go to San Lorenzo (
The mausoleum of Medici)
There are also St Spirito, St Trenita and St Felita.
Then there is the huge San Minito (
Best Roman Church in Tuscany)
The last dinner was Castellano. . .
I got the picture. But where next?
The second stop is Siena.
If Florence was primarily a renaissance, the medieval period of Siena was dominant.
The city landscape itself is a highlight here.
You can spend a wonderful time here without going to any museum: The city is lined up on three ridges, presenting a series of beautiful city views surrounded by beautiful countryside.
There is no more beautiful public space in Italy than the Il Campo in Siena, the big scallops of the city --shaped piazza;
The nearby Cathedral is one of the most powerful monuments in the country.
That\'s not to say it doesn\'t have any first
Level Museum: In order to get a measure of Sienese art, you must be in the magnificent Gothic Pubblico Palace (
00 39 057 729 2226
Open from ten o\'clock A. M. to seven o\'clock P. M. every day in the summer with 7 euro tickets. 50).
You can also visit the Museum of Pinacoteca Nazionale and the Cathedral Opera House;
Tourism Bureau (
Open daily from nine o\'clock A. M. 7pm;
00 39 05 77 28 05 51; terresiena. it)
Can give you detailed information
Let yourself have time to explore the city at leisure: The Siena pedestrian street is a simple-
Contrast with the frenetic Florence, except when the frenetic behavior of Pario takes place. This hell-for-
Pommel horse
July 2 and August 16 are the most famous festivals in Italy.
Book your stay now if you want to stay in town.
Continental Grand Hotel is located in the center of the city and doubles can begin in a room of 220 euros (
Banchi di Sopra 85;
00 39 057 756 011; royaldemeure. com). Any other must-see cities? Plenty.
Pizza, for example, offers more than just leaning towers.
Of course, this tower is an amazing thing, but it is just an integral part of the amazing Campo miracmirac, where the cathedral, the washing Hall and Camposanto are done
For information about pizza, please call 00 39 050 929 777 or visit the pizza. turismo. toscana.
Contact in advance, or contact the tourism bureau located on the north side of Station 13 at Vittorio Emanuel Square (
9am7-pm, Sat 9am-1 from Monday to Friday. 30pm)
Or the Museum of the cathedral Opera (Open at ten o\'clock A. M. daily-5pm).
Although the medieval core of the city was overwhelmed by the coaching party, most tourists ignored the rest of the city, which is a pity because it has several fine churches and museums, there are also many nice restaurants.
For authentic Pisan family cooking, there is no better than 6 San omano Square (
00 39 050 540 847
Dishes featuring green vegetables and smoked fish pasta, such as brachette renrenaiaola.
Capture the atmosphere of the 19 th-
Journey of the century to Royal Victoria (
940 111, 12, 00 39 050; royalvictoria. it).
Since its establishment in 1837, this old-
Three of the old-fashioned delightful wear
Star is the most characteristic hotel in the center of Pisa and the most valuable hotel.
100 euros including breakfast began to double.
The big university caused a stir in pizza, but it was a bit too hard for some people.
On the other hand, the neighboring Luka is elegant and not dull, and the traffic is busy.
Free Center, beautiful buildings everywhere-it\'s hard for you to walk for five minutes without a small square and marble --
Front of church.
Lucca is not a major attraction on the tourist route, but its limited accommodation is always needed, so it is wise to book in advance at any time of the year.
Preferred is through Fillungo 170 (
00 39 05 83 95 08 56;
Bradage. it)
A small center four
Star Hotel, beautifully decorated antiques.
In the summer, the price of a double room, including breakfast, will not be less than 200 euros.
Ideal mountain city?
What everyone knows is San Gimignano, a village that has received more attention mainly due to its famous towers --
In the summer, there are more travelers than it can handle comfortably-during rush hours, the police impose one --
Sidewalk system in narrow lanes.
That is to say, murals
Lined ata is definitely worth a visit, and San Gimignano is also one of the best citizen museums in Tuscany.
In recent years, the popularity of Cortana has also become a problem.
This perfect mountain
The town is within the line of sight of Lago Trasimeno-a relatively unknown town before the publication of \"Francis Meyers Under the Tuscan Sun\" and \"Tuscan Bella;
Today, this place attracts a large number of readers to the place where Meyers can fulfill their foreign dreams of a wonderful life in Tuscany.
If you want to be quiet, why not try the sublime walterra west of San Gimignano?
Meditate on the plateau surrounded by the sea breeze, D. h. lawrence described it as \"an inland island,\" and had an air somewhat isolated from the rest of the area.
Like cortoona, this is a major Etruscan settlement, and museums in the town are filled with relics of mysterious civilizations.
Classic Mountain
But the town south of Siena.
One of the tallest, montepulcino, was built along a narrow ridge, a long main street and alley that extends all the way to the wall.
During the Renaissance, it was given dozens of palazzi and churches, and it was ignored in the subsequent centuries, and today, most of its money comes from the famous Vino
However, over time, its tourist image is getting higher and higher, as is the case with little Pienza, 20 km west of Montalcino.
Pienza was built by Pope Pius II on the ruins of his Born village, as perfect as any Renaissance in Italy. 1405.
Although Pius\'s plans have not made much progress outside the central square, there are few places in Tuscany that have such a direct charm.
It has a very good hotel, three.
Star Il chiostra di Pienza, Corso Rossellino 26 (
Business starts on March 30;
00 39 0578 748 400;
Relaisilchiostrodipienza. com)
An extreme ambition.
The old monastery and the chi conversion of other parts of the former Franciscan monastery.
The third beautiful mountain
The small town of this area of Tuscany is Montalcino, a quiet, lovely and wealthy little place with little change since the 16 th century.
It looks great from below, and when you are next to the castle, the surrounding hills, vineyards, orchards, olive groves and views of the ancient oak trees are just as lovely.
It doesn\'t have any specific attractions, but has laid a good base for the exploration of southern Tuscany, as it is located very close to attractions such as Monte olive and the great abbey of San Timo.
This is also the source of Brunello di Montalcino, one of the best wines in Italy, which can be found in fátolia Dabbi (Open at ten o\'clock A. M. daily-1pm, 2. 30-
Six o\'clock P. M. , rest on the weekend morning;
00 39 0577 841 111;
Franco del Barbiit)
Located 7 km southeast of Montalcino, santamore Road.
Speaking of wine-what does Chianti look like?
There is some justice in the \"chiantiswire\" tag.
Of the 45,000 inhabitants of Chianti, foreign residents may only account for it, but tourism has replaced wine as the region\'s most important cash crop and helped drive house prices in the medieval village of Chianti, beyond the reach of many locals-many houses have been shut downseason.
Still, Chianti has plenty to enjoy: quiet trails, hundreds of acres of woodland and, of course, vineyards.
Perhaps the best target is Chianti\'s Greve, the venue for the region\'s largest wine fair: Rassegna del Chianti Classico, usually held in the second week of September
This is a place where there seems to be wine for sale on every street: Chianti di Greve Cantine of Galle Cantine 2 claims to have an unbeatable Chianti Classic Wine.
This is an attractive town where you focus on the funnel
Matteotti Square held early Saturday morning.
Three children-
The hotel in Matteotti Square offers you a comfortable choice of accommodation.
One is Del Chianti on the 86 th, starting from March 6, starting every day from March 20 and opening on weekends;
Double 90 euros including breakfast (
00 39 055 853 763
Alberto de Chiantiit).
The other is Da Verrazzano on the 28 th;
Double the 103 euro breakfast included, but if you want to have breakfast
15 euros more for a suite bathroom (
00 39 055 853 189
The Alberta government. it);
The restaurant in this hotel is very good.
The best countryside in Chianti is located in the south of here, in monticdel Chianti-used to be a stronghold of the medieval military alliance known as Lega di Chianti.
Old the in Mexico
The town of Radda in Chianti became the capital of Lega in 1384, and the imprint of this period may be stronger than anywhere else in the region.
Relais Vignale, located on the edge of village Via Pianigiani 9 (
00 39 05 777 38012vignale. it)
The wine cellar features a bar, two restaurants and a heated pool.
Chianti is also the main agriturismo area with many farms offering rooms or apartments, even their owncontained mini-villas.
You can find good accommodation options on the following websites: agriturismo.
Network, agriturismo. it and tiny. cc/6zbgM. Shore things?
There are good beaches on the Tuscan island of Elba: from the coast to the coast, the island stretches up to 30 km kilometers.
With a permanent population of only 30,000 people, it is located in picturesque coastal and mountain villages and some larger towns, all over the island.
However, it must be said that the mainland coast of Tuscany is often unattractive.
Livorno, the biggest place by the sea, is a rather severe port.
Although there is some fine sand at Viareggio, the main resort in Tuscany, the best part has been occupied by the beachfront hotel overlooking the palm --Boulevard.
However, part of the Tuscan coast is still not destroyed: Monti Dale uctellina or the \"Bird\'s mountains\" whose names come from birds that use these hills as steps
Stones between Europe and North Africa.
The coastal plain, about 12 km kilometres south of Grosseto, suddenly rises, and this stunning village combines cliffs, coastal swamps, marquilla, forests --
Covered hills, pristine beaches and some of the most beautiful umbrella pine trees in the country.
No bars, docks, hotels and half
Destroyed finished houses in most of Italy\'s coastal areas, perhaps the most peaceful corner of Tuscany.
Finally, how about opening up? air hot tub?
Tuscany has many spa towns.
The most famous are Montecatini and monzumano in the west of Florence.
These places offer a wealth of treatments, many of which are expensive, but if you go to Saturn, you can give yourself a little care without spending a euro, deep down in southern Tuscany, the sulphur hot spring came out of the ground.
Or, go to Bagno Vignoni, where most of the village squares are occupied by spring --fed stone-lined pool.
You are no longer allowed to take a bath inside, but you can roll in the muddy sulfur pool at the foot of the cliff at the end of the village.
Jonathan Buckley is
Author of Florence and the best Tuscan Rough Guide and The Rough Guide to Tuscany and Umbria.
See the rough guide for more details.
The best walking route to Tuscany in the north of Arezzo is to extend the upper valley of Arno, a region known as Casentino.
There are very few tourists in this lush, mainly agricultural area, although most areas are designated as national parks.
The most attractive town is the town of Xiaobo Pi, which used to rule the Gaudi family castle in the area.
The forest and isolation on the side of the mountainous area of cassantino has cultivated a strong monastery tradition, and the communities of camadori and Lavina remain important centers of their respective orders.
The latter is the mountaintop resort where Franciscan accepts his mark, which is why it is one of the main pilgrimage sites in Italy.
The best places to stay in these places are the plains of Poppi, home cooked meals and cheap three-Star Carson (
00. 39. 0575 529 090, arbego Carson. it)
The double room starts at 65 euros and includes breakfast.
Monte Amita is the highest point in southern Tuscany and a pleasant walking country, but for some of the harder places to travel north, Alpine apuni offers 60 km
Apuane is now a protected Regional Park, starting from the highway and going deep into the mountains, with many obvious trails criss-crossed;
The maximum concentration of these peaks is East Forte dei Marmi and petrosanta, around Pania de la cross (1,859m)
And Monte Trust (1,223m).
Due to their location and height, Apuane is a perfect combination of different ecological habitats from tundra to alpine meadows to Mediterranean grasslands.
The most striking plant is the huge forest of chestnut and Mountain hairy trees, covering almost all the hillsides, providing shelter for 300 species of birds in the mountains.
Garfagnana, parallel to Apuane ridge, is the name of the area around the Serchio Valley in northern Lucca.
This is one of the least in Tuscany.
Explore the most spectacular corners, most of which are protected as regional nature reserves, so there are plenty of Signpost walks-the best in the east of the Serchio Valley, in the mountains of the Orecchiella mountains.
Stand on the ancient mountain
Barga town, in three-star Alpino (Via Pascoli 41;
00 39 0583 723 336; bargaholiday. com)
Here, a double room costs less than 80 euros per night.
The main route from London through Paris and Milan to Florence is the railway.
The Amerigo wessage airport in Florence is only served by Diana Meili (0871 222 9319; meridiana. it)from Gatwick.
Many British airports are linked to Pisa, with the most frequent services from Gatwick to British Airways (0844 493 0787; ba. com)and easyJet (0871 244 2366; easyJet. com)
Stansted from Ryanair (0871 246 0000; ryanair. com).
The airport is very close to the city center and there are regular train connections to Pisa Central Station.
In Tuscany, the railway service is surprisingly good, and the bus fills many gaps.
Many tourists choose to rent a car.
If you decide to drive, please note that many towns and city centers are not --
Restrictions on drivers who are not registered as local residents;
Although if you book a room at the Central Hotel, you can usually drive-
Lots of parking available.
Taking an hour\'s train from Florence to Piero TrailArezzo is another Tuscan city that is less dependent on tourism trade, although in recent years it has been trying to sell itself as a holiday destination.
The city\'s goldsmiths and antique merchants support the finances of this bourgeois solid city, but it offers more than just artistic pleasure, the chief treasure is the glorious mural cycle of Piero de La Francesca at the church of San Francisco.
In addition, the steep sloping Grand Square is one of the most photogenic squares in Tuscany and is the focus of the monthly large antique fair.
Overlooking Grand Plaza is one of the best Romanesque buildings in Tuscany on the 12 th.
Century Pieve di Santa Maria, although the nearby church of San Domenico contains an excellent cross of Cimabue, the artist painted it when he was only 20 years old.
Arezzo has a wide range of restaurants through Mazzini 10 such as home-made Antica osta l\'agania
00 39 0575 25 381)
A stylish new hotel-four
Star Fashion, in Via Guido Monaco 54, doubles start at € 165 including breakfast (
00 0575 24 361; voguehotel. it).
After seeing the murals in San Francisco, you may want to go east from Arezzo to a small hill --
The town of Monterey, where Piero de La Francesca depicts one of the most powerful images of the Renaissance, the pregnant Madonna del Palto.
Other magnificent works of the same artist-especially his resurrection-will be seen in his birthplace, Sansepolcro, which is not far from the east and is almost on the Umbrian border.
The best place to stay is Florence, an ordinary three-
Star, has been conducting business in Via Luca paci56 since 1807 (
00 39 0575 740 350;
Florence, albergo. com);
It has a nice restaurant that doesn\'t eat breakfast and starts at 65 euros.
Jonathan Buckley is
Author of Florence and the best Tuscan Rough Guide and The Rough Guide to Tuscany and Umbria.
See the rough guide for more details.
You can view tours and vacations in Italy and have separate holidays here.
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