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The color of zinc plating powerful magnets have you seen?

by:Newland     2020-04-14
Color zinc magnets, namely color zinc plating ndfeb strong magnet, the surface is five color. Probably because of price or less do this plating electroplating factory, trouble, so we usually see strong ndfeb magnets seldom do this kind of coating, small make up contact magnet industry also has a period of time, usually doesn't do this kind of coating the surface of the customer requirements, are mostly USES the zinc nickel plating. Today, xiaofu specially for 2 color zinc plating of ndfeb strong magnet photo let everyone see,? Magnet seen it so beautiful. Zinc plating color is strong magnet, welcome consulting custom! Well, how long to see, must be particularly careful when using this strong magnet, is divided into meat or pain, fu is experience. Learn more ndfeb plating and the corresponding color: WWW. krqcitie。 com/about/citieduceng
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