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the classification and identify of scrap nickel

by:Newland     2019-09-16
Nickel is a precious metal with limited reserves, low grade nickel ore, 260 tons of nickel ore is required to produce 1t nickel, and its refining process is much more complicated than copper.
Nickel has magnetic properties at room temperature, but the magnetic properties disappear when it is heated to 350 °c.
The use of nickel is very wide, and it is plated on other metal products, which can prevent surface corrosion, such as medical and surgical instruments. In order to facilitate disinfection, the surface is coated with nickel.
Nickel is also used for the preparation of various alloys such as various high nickel alloys. alloy nickel-
Stainless steel and heat resistant steel (high-
Temperature steel)
, Precision alloys, permanent magnets and nickel
Low alloy steel.
Nickel is also commonly used in the preparation of various nickel
Copper based alloy
Based on alloy and heat
It has a high degree of process performance and extremely valuable physical and chemical properties, with high thermal properties.
Resistance, high corrosion resistance and good plasticity are indispensable raw materials for telecom electrical appliances, instruments and meters, medical industry, metal powder industry and chemical industry.
Waste nickel classification according to nickel
It contains ingredients and can generally be divided into three categories.
There are two classes with five cents.
A nickel issued by the Chinese government in the 1920 s, usually used to call old nickel, which has a nickel content of about 95% and is light and white and can be attracted by magnets.
Another type of nickel is issued by Yunnan, 1930 of which is commonly called New nickel in China.
This nickel contains about 20% of nickel.
The new nickel is mainly copper and cannot be attracted by magnets, and social stocks are running out.
Pure Nickel and pure nickel are not combined with any other metal, such as nickel sheet, Rod, ingot, nickel powder, etc.
The snickel content of pure nickel is 97%-
99%, it is characterized by Silver
White, slightly light green, glossy, magnetic, can be attracted by magnets, soft and tough, fine internal tissue, tight structure.
Pure Nickel mainly comes from producers using nickel as raw material.
The variety of miscellaneous nickel and miscellaneous nickel is actually more complicated. It is actually a nickel alloy containing more than 25% nickel.
Nickel included
Nickel-chromium alloychromium-
Tungsten alloy, molybdenum-
Nickel-iron alloy-
Nickel-copper alloycopper-
Manganese alloy, etc.
The identification method of nickel waste impurities can take the method of grinding sparks, grinding samples in the rapid grinding wheel, and observing sparks to determine which alloy.
It is also possible to take a chemical qualitative method, put the sample into the test tube, inject the agent Wang Shui, and observe the color after dissolution to determine which alloy it is.
Nickel wire, nickel powder, Nickel Plate, nickel tape in telecom equipment, nickel head of electroplating plant, Nickel Plate, etc.
The surface is silver and white. After oxidation, it is light green. It is ground with a grinding wheel. It appears red and the flame becomes short;
Can be attracted by magnets.
Scrap nickel is a purenickel waste material that does not include other alloys and can be used directly in various industrial or smelting nickel alloy plating materials.
Nickel scrap (
Including old and new nickel coins)
If it is clearly identified which one it belongs to, it can still be used for smelting of the same grade alloy;
It cannot be distinguished from grades, nor does it contain cobalt, copper, tungsten, molybdenum and other elements, which can be used as raw materials for smelting nickel-
Chrome-free stainless steel;
If the composition is very complex, it can be used as a raw material for the drum. A nickel-
Including waste water, residue, garbage mud, etc.
Nickel oxide, nickel chloride, Nickel nitrate, nickel sulfate, nickel hydroxide and other chemical raw materials can be extracted, but the extraction process is complicated, technical and costly.
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