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The circular injection mold tolerance range is introduced

by:Newland     2020-04-14
Many guests will often encounter things, that is when the circular in injection molding, the circular and crushed or crushed, from which, I don't know the problem thought magnetic ring is not strong enough, said the circular quality is poor. Actually problem is not the case, circular and fragile, in the point is not false, but under the weight of the injection molding machine, even if put in the stone, will be crushed, so these problems, if fundamental problem from the circular. With more than ten years rich engineers, basic all know, the problem appeared on the copper mold, when the injection mould with circular and size tolerance through the hours, will break the circular pressure, must be mold tolerance range, outside diameter is greater than the circular 0. 4 mm, length is greater than zero. 5 mm like this, the circular hole as long as wear, not normal skin, is ok. So no matter how injection magnetic ring, also won't break the circular pressure, magnetic ring, of course, has its own positive and negative tolerance, but has the injection mold tolerance, also won't lead to circular and easily broken. Some guests think out of a circular and injection mold, the greater the is better, can prevent the circular is fragile, is not really injection copper mold opening is bigger, the better, so that not only waste a lot of plastic, can also cause the circular easily broken! When the injection mold open beyond the limits of tolerance, so in injection molding, the inside of the magnetic ring with open space, would be easy to move, as a result, the circular is also very fragile! Therefore, according to a specified tolerance range injection mold than magnetic ring size is big, big diameter 0. 4 mm, length can't more than 0. 5 mm, this can not only prevent the circular is fragile, and injection molding shape also looks very nice. If the injection of circular and shred, then to replace the new circular and in time, in plastic injection, injection is mainly in order to protect the magnetic ring, to avoid collision it broken, and put it wrapped, can prevent the magnetic leakage, really is a very good choice. Cause the circular inside broken off when we do the injection, the basic circular and weakness in anti-interference, equal to suffered serious injuries, must remove the broken of the circular to replace copper up use, to respond to its anti-interference ability, hit the wire moving interference between signals with electronic products. Article resources from the network, the magnet manufacturers share Ricky xiaofu card sorting. Injection copper product fast navigation: http://www. 勇气, 磁铁。 com/chanpin/chanpin_232_1. html
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