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The circular (AS5048A magnetic encoder Pictures and specifications) introduce

by:Newland     2020-03-14
Dongguan Ricky permanent magnets card factory is a professional production and processing and sales of rare earth ndfeb, permanent magnetic ferrite and rotor radial multi-polar magnetic steel, encoder manufacturers of magnetic ring, quotation for sample consultation telephone: 0769 - 23388351. 12 - AS5048A encoder, precision 14 bit, mainly used in yuntai brushless motor encoder, it basically is to use the change of the magnetic field to obtain the data motor rotation Angle, through the controller for the motor quickly back to the initial position. The encoder fixed ( General fixed on the motor stator) , turn the magnet steel ( General fixed on the motor shaft end) 。 The magnetization way below for AS5048A magnetic ring, magnetic encoder for radial magnetization. AS5048A commonly used magnetic encoder supporting have ndfeb magnet steel specification D9. 5*d5*3( Inner hole is also useful to 6) And the circular D6 * 2. 5. Encoder in ndfeb magnet material, in addition to multi-purpose injection ferrite beads. Ricky magnet card related encoder copper products; Encoder inside and outside the circular coil magnetization magnetic ring is not the same as the number of high-precision encoder
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