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The circular anti-interference effect is not good reason _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-03-31
The circular anti-interference effect is not good reason to see a net friend to ask questions in the know, said the circular anti-interference effect is not good, this is because what reason is caused, a magnet manufacturer small make up this issue today. A lot of people don't know, the product and add the magnetic ring, why it can't have anti-interference effect? Product added magnetic ring, actually cannot have anti-interference effect, there are several reasons, as follows: 1: add a magnetic ring, see if the product have no reflect, if yes, then is to choose the circular frequency is wrong, we should according to the product interference frequency, also choose the appropriate magnetic ring, can one by one to eliminate the interference. 2: if not clear product interference frequency, we can spend more time, also test; Choose low frequency magnetic ring, for example, to test, if not, then select the high frequency magnetic ring or high-power magnetic ring, with some test as much as possible, believe there is always a magnetic ring for your electronic products. 3: in the process of test, such as low frequency magnetic ring did not reflect, while the use of high frequency magnetic ring is reflected, but failed to solve the problem of interference, the interference signal is too strong, and a magnetic ring under the interference of attacks, must add one or two magnetic ring, until the normal operation of electronic products can. 4: many products before added magnetic ring is fine, by the next morning, not line, illustrates the circular and the saturation phenomenon, must also add one more to the two magnetic ring, if still won't do, then, from the perspective of the copper material, try to choose features high material made of copper, and as far as possible in the interference sources online more around in circles, but also to the inlet and outlet of the interference source line and the circular, the disturbance signal can be one to play. Above is about the circular anti-interference effect is bad or anti-jamming solution, not the article by ndfeb magnet manufacturers network sharing, magnet for more information, welcome to continue to focus on this site!
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