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The circular and motor shaft fixed? _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-05
The circular and motor shaft fixed? The following answer by the ndfeb magnet net arrangement in network engineer's reply, the hope can help you. 1, if the magnet on the stator, with ou tai swabs anaerobic structural adhesive, or ab glue, if the magnets on the rotor with modified acrylic glue, locating at the beginning of 5 - 10 points. All solid 24 hours, all the time. 2, we can use nylon filament winding a circle, and then coated with epoxy resin, and fiber winding, besmear again, until a suitable size. In general, the motor shaft and the clearance between the rotor magnet steel is very small, which requires the inner diameter of the circular and better tolerance control, the circular hole once the small, big also not line, so for the average of the magnet manufacturer or have difficulty. But this is not the problem, we can customize motor copper in strict accordance with the requirement of the customers, accurate control of the circular diameter tolerances, ensure that the circular steel shaft assembly no problem.
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