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The circular and magnet what are the differences

by:Newland     2020-04-08
Most people think of electronic circuit, a ring of electronic components, magnetic ring, as it is called, in fact is not the case, the natural copper also points a lot of kinds, type more, ndfeb and iron silicon aluminum, also some say magnets for magnetic ring or ndfeb magnetic ring, etc. , all kinds of call. Because of their appearance, so it is easy to mistake, the best way to know who is look have magnetic, usually with basic are hard magnetic, magnetic so-called hard magnetic known as permanent magnets or ndfeb magnet. Magnets can be divided into positive and negative poles, three iron magnet ingredient has four oxygen. Magnet is usually used in speakers, buttons, generators on the application domain is widespread. Circular and we all know, the difference in its raw materials, selection of ferrite materials, usually do for anti-interference, its composition containing iron oxide, nickel oxide and zinc oxide, etc. Most people want to save costs plus magnesium oxide or reworked material, also called reworked material is broken when manufacturing and logistics, have gouges where whole pieces were missing, through recycling, the match some of raw materials, to make out, this kind of circular and performance is not too good, because it went through the first sintering, in the second sintering, the characteristic impedance of the circular and burned down. Sintering is manufacturing in the circular, the difficulty coefficient is higher a process, must adjust good furnace temperature, temperature fever out the circular as uncooked rice didn't cook mature rice, high temperature and the circular and the impedance of the burned down, so the most important in this process. Copper is usually used in a variety of online in the injection molding processing, some button directly in the line of machinery and equipment, in other words there is interference is inseparable from it. A: what are the factors affect the price of the magnet? A: the characteristics of ndfeb magnet
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