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The characteristics of the ferrite magnet magnetic ring _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-05
The characteristics of the ferrite magnet copper ferrite magnet magnetic permeability is higher, the greater its low frequency impedance, so high frequency impedance. We can according to own different needs to choose different skills to make the circular. Magnetic ring can occur under different frequency is not the same as the impedance, when the signal frequency increases the circular embodies the impedance rise sharply. Next, because it does not demand to other filtering method to demand grounding, so for the paints, there is no special requirements. The use of it is also very convenient, can be set on demand filter cable directly. If, as a common mode choke coil, it will not form the signal distortion, the copper wire on high frequency signal transmission is very valuable. Multi-polar magnetic ring magnet production diameter direction to choose hot working regulation isotropic or circular magnet of the opposite sex. Within weeks of the annular magnet for polygon, ring wall thickness is cyclical change. Compared with existing skills its strength is that device is convenient, accurate location, the cogging effect is small. Under the high temperature or high speed magnet demagnetization effect is small, not easy to fall off.
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