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The cautions of magnetic field and identify the poles

by:Newland     2020-04-29
In general, strong magnet magnetic field is invisible or imperceptible to the touch. This kind of phenomenon also increased on the mystery of the magnet, caused the people's curiosity. If you want to imagine an abstract magnetic field and identify the poles, you can use some simple tools. Bar magnet and shoe magnets can be used to demonstrate the poles attract or repel each other under different conditions, the formation of magnetic induction line around and the formation of magnetic induction line. It can also prove that formed around the current magnetic field of magnetic induction line. Generally USES organic glass, novel and beautiful, the effect is obvious, intuitive, can be projected. Gently shake the demo board first, make the small needle or irregular small needle is arranged in the hole. Then put the magnet on the demo board, tapping panel, make small needle or hole small needle under the effect of magnetic field clearly show the lines of magnetic induction. Current and magnetic field of teaching, through to 6 - 9 for power, hole needle arrangement is irregular or small needles appear obvious lines of magnetic induction. If change the direction of current, also can produce the same effect, which the magnetic field around the charged conductor are obtained. Magnetic field detection device is also a kind of simple and reliable. This unique film will be tiny nickel particles suspended in a thin layer of viscous material, so that it is consistent with the magnetic field. It shows the location of the magnet and the number. As long as your card on the magnets, magnetic pole will show a dark area. Light green area is magnetic field. Magnetic display card can help us to determine the accurate position of the magnetic poles, the number of magnetic poles, and it's easy to find & quot; Hidden & quot; The magnetic field. Previous page: if you have real knowledge of principles of magnet on the next page: to observe the magnetic field and identify the poles matters needing attention
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