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The cause of the permanent magnet synchronous motor is rarely used 2 do you know?

by:Newland     2020-04-13
Ricky magnet card supplier in dongguan, guangdong province long-term supply of permanent magnet motor magnetic steel, magnetic steel, magnetic steel robot servo motor magnets, auto parts, such as magnetic products are mainly composed of high performance high precision. On the Internet today to see such a problem, the permanent magnet synchronous motor is rarely used 2? Why is this? Professional issue to professional personage answer, small make up of several electrical engineer to solve, hope I can help you. More than 1, the number of permanent magnet synchronous machine small is not good. More than the number of the power factor is too low, so the number of asynchronous machine generally want to avoid too much. 2, for permanent magnet synchronous motor, majority is variable frequency power supply, in addition to high speed, the number of optional range is very large. 2 p downside winding ends is too long, high flux density of yoke, yokes of waste volume, small rotor diameter, torque density is small, the rotor magnet steel decorate a form not too free, want to do the air gap flux density is sine comparison difficult. Another constant torque speed down, small copper loss, iron loss is advantageous, so the appropriate increase the number of good. Ok, that is about the cause of the permanent magnet synchronous motor is rarely used 2, to learn more about the magnet knowledge: WWW. 勇气, 磁铁。 Com/zhishi/article xiaofu recommended; Installed on permanent magnet motor rotor permanent magnet piece after filling glue what role? The circular and motor shaft generally how together?
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