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The cause of the degaussing magnetic pump _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-03-30
Is relatively common pump, magnetic pump and degaussing is easy to appear the damage reason, once appear degaussing, may be a lot of people will be helpless, could have caused a lot of work and production loss. To avoid this kind of situation, under the simple explanation for everyone today why degaussing magnetic pump. Temperature is too high and dry pump are the direct factors causing degaussing. Temperature is too high, there are so many reasons, long running process flow is too small or export the valve closing time is too long, can cause the pump internal high medium temperature change, bearing lubrication pump will also, the temperature will be higher. Long sleeves will be damaged. Other reason 1 degaussing. Dirt inside the cooling/magnetic cylinder lubrication pipeline jam will cause inside and outside temperature is high, quickly could beneath magnetic; 2. Does not pay attention to clean and maintenance on the magnetic iron absorption, cause of sleeve wear out; 3. Within the rotor and isolation sets of axial clearance is too small, and magnetic loss caused by friction. 4. Thrust bearing wear, causing the inner rotor and the friction of sleeve magnet bubble will demagnetize in sulfuric acid? Some clients of the magnet is used in the magnetic pump, through transport of sulfuric acid found found degaussing magnetic pump, this is what causes? Below small make up have collected some net friend answer. 1, not because the degaussing magnetic pump soaking in concentrated sulfuric acid in the degaussing, degaussing magnetic pump main reason is that the result of high temperature. Such as: magnetic pump start-up torque, temperature rise too fast, cause magnet demagnetization. 2, should because acid annual and flushing quantity not enough cause temperature degaussing! 3, is an absolute temperature high torque, in the use of magnetic pump working condition is critical, fluorine-butterfly centrifugal pump is a suggested alternative don't have this problem. 4, magnets in sulfuric acid inside, if it is ferrite ( Main ingredients Fe3O4) Will become FeSO4 and Fe2 (, SO4) 3 and water, and then your magnet was done not have. Magnetic pump under certain conditions can't be run for a long time, such as time, cavitation, high temperature, etc. So you need to pay attention to, avoid any pump idling and temperature is too high.
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