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the brisbane woman giving the humble bum bag a makeover

by:Newland     2019-10-27
Bags can be worn on the front, back or side.
Picture: FacebookSource: It\'s not a great feat for FacebookMAKING bum bags to pop again.
Many of the much-ridiculed staples in the 1980 s wardrobe have been painted with a rough brush since it embarked on the road of roller skating and wrap around sunglasses.
But the truth is that positive wear is a big deal, and many leggings don\'t have big enough pockets to fit all the crap you want to wear.
Of course, your house key has a small pocket, but you don\'t have sunglasses, bank cards, mobile phones and other sundries in that small pocket
Pocket for ants.
Many women find themselves stuffing cash in their bras or trousers to solve the problem. Hardly ideal.
As a result, Emily Bitkow, a 29-year-old Brisbane designer, has begun to reshape the city.
Practical \"fanny bag \".
* Be afraid of the word \"fanny\" * The Vivra bag folds over the top of your pants and is fixed with a magnet.
Facebook \"sometimes you don\'t always want to carry a bag with you,\" she explains . \".
\"When you are on the journey, all you want to take away is the most basic thing;
Your phone, credit card, key and money. ”29-year-
Emily bitzko, an old resident of Brisbane, designed the Vivra pouch.
Picture: FacebookSource: FacebookShe thinks modern women need something more complicated than an arm band or a traditional tramp bag
It needs to be stylish and carry the essentials while walking, running or shopping.
She ended up developing a Vivra bag that is different from the traditional tramp bag because it is attached to your pants with magnetic iron (
Not tied to your waist).
This means it won\'t bounce around when you go for a run.
Double by waterproof fabric and patent
Folding design, fold the bag on the belt of any garment with special nd magnet.
According to Ragtrader, Bitkow claims that this means that credit cards and mobile phones will not be affected and that the pouch will not move an inch even in strict sports.
For those running at night, it also has a reflective band.
There are many styles of Vivra bags.
Picture: FacebookSource: FacebookBitkow, designed digital printed shorts for the festival before-
The audience wants to expand the product range.
\"While I was trying to use it as a sportswear accessory, I also wanted to extend it to leather, decorative bumpers and tramp bags for women during the festival,\" she told Femail . \".
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