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The application of magnetic separator and the matters needing attention

by:Newland     2020-04-30
With the use of aluminum on the market more and more, the daily production aluminum products produced by the aluminum pin is more and more, and in the production process of chinalco would inevitably appear iron pin in the pin, so how to get rid of ndfeb permanent magnet material of aluminum pin? This time, is when the magnetic separator, magnetic separator can effectively separate the iron scrap material, magnetic separator can be used in lathe, grinder, planer, such as broken material separation in the mechanical processing, such as industrial waste and chemical intermediate products need iron process all can use. All kinds of grinding, lapping, wire drawing machine, electric processing and other processing equipment with the processing, the coolant of ferromagnetic material will be more and more, and ferromagnetic material quickly wear machine, so in order to let the machine more durable, magnetic separator is required. Magnetic separator can effectively separate the ferromagnetic material in machine tool cooling fluid, thus to achieve the effect of purification of coolant, maintain the cleanness of the cutting fluid, thus improving the processing performance and service life of the cutter, but also reduces the pollution to the environment. Coolant need to pay attention to the iron, the magnetic separator need to pay attention to what? Note: 1, magnetic separator, if don't work for a long time, should clean body to prevent impurity accumulation is frozen, the chain at the same time too much clearance if should timely adjust the tightness, lubricate the chain on a regular basis. 2, to pay attention to during the process of the machine is running its own magnetic separator can withstand adsorption component, the impurity cannot increase sharply, otherwise you will make the motor lock. 3, in use process, impurities too much to handle in time rubber roller and magnetic attachments on the surface of the barrel, avoid the influence the work efficiency of magnetic separator. 4, pay special attention to is: check the maintenance on cutting off power and underwater before, to avoid careless operation machine leakage. Strong magnetic magnetic nd-fe-b magnetic separator roll uniform magnetization, appearance is concise, compact structure, smooth operation, low noise, small power consumption, small size, easy installation and use, can press machine tool design and manufacture of specific space. Branch east magnet magnetic separator drive system and body separation, cleaning and maintenance is convenient.
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