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The applicable scope of the magnet magnetic frame, work principle and product features

by:Newland     2020-04-20
The applicable scope of the magnet magnetic frame, work principle and product features. Magnetic filter ( Magnetic frame) Mainly used for removal of powder, granule raw materials and ferromagnetic impurities in liquid or slurry is widely used in mining, plastic, ceramic, electric power, chemical, rubber, pharmaceutical, food, environmental protection, pigment, dyestuff, electronics, metallurgy and other industries. Magnetic frame - Working principle: the magnet magnetic filter frame is made of high quality stainless steel tube and high B value of rare earth ndfeb alloy, and the method of making the use of special. And its combination on the fixed frame, a magnetic filter. When iron material through, attracted by magnetic rod, the strong adsorption of iron matter on the wall, to ensure the safety of the equipment in good condition and the product. Magnetic frame - Product features: no energy consumption, no pollution, magnetic frame is installed on the production line can be in contact with the material of any position, saving space, easy installation, mainly USES the rare earth with gold ndfeb magnetic source, as a strong magnetic force, simple structure, long service life, alien style magnet magnetic rack specification is can be used in accordance with customer requirements and production field to change any custom metal permanent magnetic materials mainly include aluminum nickel and cobalt permanent magnetic material and powerful magnet rare earth permanent magnet materials. Rare earth permanent magnetic material and points, samarium cobalt permanent magnet materials and ndfeb permanent magnet materials. Rare earth permanent magnet material is made by powder metallurgy process. Magnet company is the specialized production ( Ndfeb) Powerful magnet company, has factories in dongguan city based wangniudun pier town. Magnet products used in toys, jewelry, crafts gifts, handmade gift box, leather handbags invisible magnetic button, plastic hardware products, audio equipment and other industries. Our company is located in dongguan city based wangniudun block cao beijiao town five chung village industrial zone, the company can provide customers 24 hours delivery, 36 hours to the customers specifications template. Magnet experts to find and package your satisfaction, more magnets can view our company website WWW information. yirongciye。 com/。 This article rigorous reproduced, if there are any violation, the consequence is proud! Magnet, powerful magnets, special-shaped magnets, magnet manufacturer,
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