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the age of the high-flying tech (hft) gadgeteer is upon us--flying machines & new wheeled things.

by:Newland     2019-11-16
Arcaboard in action.
Put down your tablet-
Unless you are driving a rotary wing or a \"drone\" or you are sailing on a fan or jet --
Power hovercraft, or two-wheel hovercraft. . .
Look up at the sky and look for new heightsflying tech (HFT)
Or see a group of kids coming in the street, everyone is somewhere --wheeled thing--
We have something new on us.
Throwing robots can even run like angry people
Cattle, or non-cattle
NASA\'s rocket was launched into space, built on blocks by some new wealthy children, cars without human drivers, and even the wheels of the walls ---
Things are already clear.
For good or bad, we have entered a new era. Flying Tech (HFT)Gadgeteer . . .
A new group of inventors, no longer staring at the screen, began to make things.
Since skateboarding (
Except for \"segway \")
Do I remember any serious challenges to classical bikes or motorcycles? But now there are a lot of new wheels --things--
Or those who are moving and getting rid of the wheels ,(
But still not. gravity\').
The definition is also vague.
Drones, rotters, hoverboards, jetpacks, and radio controls-a-ma-
The show will begin to change our lives.
The bottom line is that people leave the comfort of sitting in front of the screen, which has dominated the last decade and is now building things that move and fly ---
Some are even controlled by your phone.
I\'ll take some drivers to this brave new and quirky world, but let me introduce you to some new toys on the block-
Most of them are highlighted on YouTube and you can see that they are actually moving.
HoverboardsHoverboard got its name from the movie back to the Future, Part 2, Marty McPhee (
Michael J. Fox)
Is in the future
Gravity was tamed and he used a floating future \"skateboard \".
The first type of air pad with two wheels does not hover, but there are wheels and places to stand.
Someone figured out how to make them \"stable \".
Hundreds of brands in the world
They were all angry during Christmas last year.
This is Mini. Segway Self-Balancing, 2-
Wheel hovercraft, one wheel miracle another version, has been a wheel in my neighbor.
This snapshot of Google\'s search in June 10, 2016 shows that there are many different configurations now;
Some devices require you to cross a large wheel, while others are two smaller devices ---
One on each foot. -roller-
Steroid skates.
And one more-wheel-in-the-
Similar to the intermediate version of the traditional skateboard.
Here are the comments on \"self-balance\"
However, the wheel electric scooter, the wheelbarrow \"suspension skateboard\" is based on the science of magnets and super conductors;
That\'s right. The car company Lexus even made a skateboard.
Show it off like a track.
Please note the fog on the left side of the picture, as well as the hands of some observers between the board and the ground.
Similarly, the hovercraft of Hendo uses magnetism to \"float \".
See the skate master Tony Hawk use it.
This tendency to re-invent the power of magnets with computer control will also bring many new products.
This is a floating board or take a look at the clm2 floating module air pad, drone and Gyro Helicopter ---Flying machine.
However, the new child on the block is a large green rectangle that uses fan and computer intelligence.
The Arcaboard we introduced at the beginning costs $14,900.
This is the core of the board. Gyro-Drone-Hover-
This hovercraft is crossed.
To the world of drones and helicopters.
Flight movement Karin \"back to the Future II\", \"Doc\" show driving back
A gravity car driving on garbage.
Now, thanks to the ability to have lightweight materials and a rotor for a drone, 2016-
At the Consumer Electronics Show, EHang 184 MegaDrone-
\"The world\'s first self-driving taxi\" caused a bit of a stir. Small gyro-
Copters has been around for decades;
People just have to remember James Bond\'s movie, you \'ve only lived twice, which features Little Nellie.
However, these are different.
When we think of individual commuter vehicles, I suspect that many people think flying cars are a reality.
However, driverless cars with GPS
Collusion, as well as many other tricks such as built-in sonar and radar, there are many companies that are working on this issue, especially in combination with HFT.
While I personally have questions about driverless cars, whether on a highway or on a virtual sky --
The highway, as a rich toy, is expected to show up in the air in the next five years with these HFT personal vehicles.
2016: The Year of the drone, since we are in the air, let\'s talk about the drone.
At the end of 2015, a series of drones were found in Google search.
There are now thousands of companies building \"dragons\" and 4 rotors are common.
At the 21st century department store in Brooklyn this Christmas, some are even on sale.
These are \"wireless control\" devices and some can actually use your wireless phone.
Expensive with very precise photography and military spy supplies, or cheaper than electronic kites --
You can control it.
But this is not the point of all this.
Want to see the personal \"self\" camera of the flight, the hordes of small drones you control, large floating/flying ads or wars --gaming-
Where drones dress up as stars
Cruiser or Star Wars Millennium Falcon.
At the same time, Amazon and other companies are trying to use them to deliver packages.
But they will also be the eye of firefighters entering the building. -
Want to see what\'s in front, or the drone that caught fire first, and see how bad it is;
Or police patrol, they can cover more blocks. or. . .
However, Disney\'s study \"stun\" used two wheels and a fan to climb up the wall or the ground.
Some will be controlled by your phone, some will be controlled by the controller, and some will be controlled by gloves --
Like one thing, even mind control, it\'s a completely different question.
Something technically seems to be in place, so what happened?
First, stability is increased by computers and electronics.
The ability to have drone technology requires the ability to coordinate multiple rotors, as well as the ability to \"stabilize\" in the air.
I was told that this is because the drone technology was designed by the military and has penetrated into the design used by the public.
But stability is also the reason why the maglev system works because they keep the power of the magnet stable and controlled by the computer.
Second, there was a flood. --
Across the globe, thousands of people and companies have joined the new mix.
But the Internet, like YouTube, has some kids anywhere in the world who can explore the current situation. . .
Things that work and don\'t work, can order components immediately, or get in touch with others working on these new components
The idea of a group is driven by the spiky gadgets.
Third, the components are getting lighter and lighter, the components are getting cheaper, smaller and more durable ---
With the progress of computers and artificial intelligence, they become more and more intelligent. -
Artificial Intelligence.
This has always been a path to technology as long as technology exists, but as different components are readily available, this path will accelerate.
I noticed 3-too-
D printing, the printer can make parts according to the plan sent to anywhere in the world via the Internet.
Finally, this future will also be filled with complaints from legal proceedings and new regulations.
On July 2015, William Merideth shot down an unmanned aircraft in his backyard in Kentucky and was excluded from all charges.
According to C/NET, \"This is a case that hangs over the country.
Or at least Kentucky.
\"If it escapes your memory of stress for the time being, William Meredith said on July that he saw a drone flying over Mountain View, Kentucky.
He thought it was watching him at the age of 16. year-
The old daughter who was sunbathing in the garden.
So he took out his shotgun and blew the drone out of the air.
He was arrested for reckless harm and crime.
Now the Kentucky court has declared Meredith an innocent man.
\"While some of these products may never last as a commercial product, and will not be economically viable, one thing is clear --High-
Our future will be flying technology machines and new wheels.
Here is a video of the \"flying board\" that looks more like HFT in the movie Spider-Man, driven by Green Goblin.
The video shows a man and his jet set a Guinness World Record in April 2016.
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