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The advantage of magnet wire cutting more slicing machine is introduced

by:Newland     2020-03-21
Cutting slice machine, may be some people have never heard of, but in fact the magnet production equipment has been out for a long time, today to say with you more than magnet wire cutting machine. Line, from the literal understanding could see that it is not ordinary. Then how extraordinary it? Simple literal understanding we can see that they have some difference on the magnet production, in addition to this? There is nothing more special places? Multi-line cutting machine on the surface of words, in addition to the production capacity, it is hard to understand to other difference. But magnet manufacturer in our eyes, it is not only the output increase, there is also a key element in it, is the tolerance range. The multi-line cutting machine production magnet tolerance range can be smaller errors than single wire cutting machine, precision is higher than the original production of magnet. For some preciseness, high quality magnets products, is unable to complete the general single wire cutting machine, must rely on more line of high performance cutting machine to complete, so as to ensure that the quality of the magnets. Multiple wire slicing machine than ordinary slicer is strong in where? 1, two sample vertical stop bit ( Up, down) 2, five slices modes: single, continuous, step by step, half knife, programming 3, slicing speed according to automatically adjust the slice thickness. 4, piece of functionality can be closed. In the automatic state, the parameter automatic adjustment of the blocks and manual mode, fix the block parameters can be programmed decision. 5, slice thickness and thickness of the repair piece can independently choose and storage. 6, visual signal and sound signal sampling forward backward limit and the rest of the sample. Comprehensive above, you now know the benefits of multiple wire cutting machine. The article by the editor of Ricky magnet factory card networks, the company's main production and operation abnormity ndfeb magnets, dc motor magnetic tile, electrical sensor magnets, induction log magnetic ring, has the need to purchase a friend welcome consultation. Magnet slice related articles; Ricky magnet card production equipment section of magnet? Slice processing solutions for multiple magnet
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