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the 7 things you should never do to your eyebrows

by:Newland     2019-10-11
Super days have passedthin brows -
Now it\'s all about embracing your natural eyebrows and taking advantage of them.
But there is a thin line between the great eyebrows and the terrible ones-
So there are 7 things you should never do here.
You may have heard that you should never pull off your eyebrows.
This is not true-
But shaping above the eyebrows is usually best left to professionals as making a mess of it can ruin the look of your brown arch.
If your eyebrows are naturally thick, treatments like waxing and threading can help you control your eyebrows --
Beauty therapists will know which hair can be removed safely and which hair can be removed away.
No one wants mono. brow -
But by vigorously pulling off the gap between your browke cookies and your actual eyebrows, excessive compensation leaves an unnatural large gap.
Vertical arrangement of thin makeup brushes with your inner tear tube can help you figure out how far --
You shouldn\'t have crossed this line.
Eyebrows are often said to be sisters, not twins.
Trying to force the same eyebrows can lead to excessiveplucking.
Most of us don\'t have symmetrical faces, so embrace your eyes and remember frankly that no one will work that hard except you. Make-
Senior companies sell pencils, creams and powders of all colors
But be careful to choose the color that exactly matches your hair.
Most likely, especially if your hair is dark, the color that matches your hair will eventually look rough and unnatural.
Instead, choose a slightly lighter tone and add the color as needed.
As a starting point, most people can get away with a medium tan color --
But if you have red hair, golden
Red or light red-
The Shades of Brown will make you look natural.
When it comes to eyebrow filling, there are so many products to choose from that it\'s hard to know what\'s best.
It is worth remembering, however, that products with a more dry formula, such as some pencils, drag natural hair and cause hair loss. And while long-
The long lasting product is great, and it\'s worth remembering that at the end of the day, intensive scrubbing to remove the remnants will not be good for your natural eyebrows.
It\'s tempting to use a magnifying glass and an ultra-magnifying glass
Bright lights to make sure you get every rogue hair.
But doing so will actually cost you insight.
Just as no one will notice if your eyebrows are different, and no one will notice that little hair. Over-
Pulling the hair will deform your eyebrows, and if you pull it out too long, the eyebrows will become sparse over time.
This may seem harmless, but your pores are opened by bacteria when you remove your eyebrows.
If your tweezers are not clean, you may be infected with ugly and painful
So give them a quick wipe with a cotton pad soaked in an anti-corrosion liquid to reduce the risk.
Pair tweezers with other tools such as make-
Brushes and sponges are also helpful as they usually contain extra bacteria.
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