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Tesla's new electric car _ ndfeb permanent magnet driver was used in ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-06
As a new energy automotive industry & other; Bosses & throughout; , tesla's every move all high-profile, recently, tesla procurement ndfeb magnets used in the electric vehicle drive motor, it conveys the tesla began to give up to the world just to do his duty of induction motor driving route, began to adopt the new energy is the most widely used in the field of rare earth permanent magnet direct-drive motor signal. For tesla was changed, on the one hand, because although tesla itself has been used is three-phase induction motor driving motor of electric vehicle ( Asynchronous motor) , able to bear work temperature changes greatly, and the output torque of the induction motor can be within the scope of the big adjustment, the interval good efficiency and low cost. However, asynchronous induction motor due to unilateral excitation, generating units require more current, torque, large energy consumption so Narrow and lagging power factor, high efficient area, for work in the stator excitation current and power is low ( Especially in the constant torque area) , thus restricting car performance. On the other hand, is because of the needs of the market. Because of permanent magnet motor three-phase induction motor, compared with high efficient area wide, energy saving, the advantages of small volume, lightweight, etc. Although also has a complex structure, complex control system, and the shortcomings of high cost, but the industry forefront of thought, from the point of current electric vehicle demand and overall economy, high efficiency energy saving + + comprehensive ability is one of the most important of life. Therefore, the choice of permanent magnet motor is more sensible and the choice that meets market needs. This commitment to build the best tesla electric vehicles, as well as applicable. Especially in the Chinese market, tesla began to walk on two legs, one is go the way of positioning the high end of pure electric vehicle, a new opening is rare earth permanent magnet driving route, so that is suitable for the general market demand in China.
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