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tesla ceo wants to build a high-speed ‘hyperloop’

by:Newland     2019-11-13
Tesla\'s CEO may be Willie Wonka of modern transportation.
Elon Musk does not want to have a high-foot cup forever, but wants to build a test track for the high-foot Cup
High-speed rail is called \"super high-speed rail \".
Imagine it as a glass elevator in musk.
Last Thursday, Musk announced the news via Twitter and hinted at the possible location of the Hyperloop website.
Musk then sent another tweet explaining who could make the most of the track.
Musk, who is also the CEO and founder of space exploration company SpaceX, first proposed the idea of Hyperloop in 2013 and called it the \"fifth mode of transportation\" after cars, trains, planes and ships \".
The Hyperloop design uses a pod that can accommodate 6 people.
The powerful magnet passes the pods through the pipe at a speed of 600 to 800 miles per hour.
Extremely fast devices can be reduced by one hour
Long trip for a few minutes.
According to Musk\'s estimate, it may take between $6 and $10 billion to build.
Musk revealed in a speech at the Texas Transportation Forum last week that he plans to build a 5-
The mile track test prototype pod, on a complete super cycle system, can one day travel at a speed of hundreds of miles per hour.
Musk believes the super high-speed rail will serve the surrounding cities.
Not more than 900 miles apart)
Traffic congestion between each other is very high. A 58-
The page paper published on Tesla\'s blog outlines the details of the concept and predicts that super-loop travel between Los Angeles and San Francisco may be reduced to about 30 minutes, compared to 6 hours for car travel.
Since 2013, a team of more than 100 engineers has been working to develop Musk\'s ambitious vision.
The organization is from California-
Based on the crowdfunding company jumpstart fund and organized into several specialized groups based on specific talents and skills.
Dirk Ahlborn, CEO of Jumpstart fund, said: \"Since the idea was released, we have done a lot of work in organizing people.
To be part of the Hyperloop core team, members must be willing to invest at least 10 hours a week.
But Ahlborn is also CEO of subsidiary Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, Inc. , told Boston.
Many team members went above and beyond this commitment to work 20 to 40 hours a week.
Jumpstart fund organizes the engineering team to build each component of a highly complex project so that these components can work together smoothly.
The company works with the University of California, Los Angeles, ANSYS and GloCal Newtork Corporation to collaborate in different fields of expertise.
\"There are a lot of people who are passionate about the project coming together to dedicate their day to advancing the project,\" Ahlborn said . \".
\"With so many people coming to help as things go, I think we\'re going to see the super cycle happen in the next few years.
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