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Term magnet, magnet terminology is introduced

by:Newland     2020-03-13
About magnets term, many engineering will asked Ricky magnet manufacturer here, we card today to popular science under the magnets related terms with everybody, welcome to collect! Magnet opposite sex choice easy magnetization direction as orientation direction. Recommended reading 'gay ferrite and heterosexual ferrite difference' gay magnet magnetic are the same in any direction. Coercive force of Hcb makes saturation magnetization to the technology of permanent magnet B to zero, the reverse magnetic field strength. The temperature of the temperature coefficient to lose the temperature parameters of the magnet magnetic flux said magnetic field distribution of physical quantities, unit is weber gaussian per square centimeter of magnetic flux line, is to measure the induction strength of the magnetic flux density B describe the magnetic field strength and direction of physical quantities, measured with gauss meter. Intrinsic coercive force is used to measure the parameters of the magnet demagnetization resistance, unit is oster. Irreversible loss caused by the external factors of demagnetization field strength in a point to determine the measurement of magnetic force. Magnetic flux in a certain area of the total magnetic induction intensity. Magnetic force in magnetic back in an arbitrary point magnetomotive force per unit length. Magnetomotive force in the magnetic vector potential difference between two points. Maxwell flux unit, a maxwell is a line of magnetic flux. Oersted magnetic field intensity and magnetic unit refers to the opposite sex magnet magnetization direction of magnetization direction of the direction of magnetization in order to optimize performance. Recommend reading the don't understand the magnet magnetization direction? Watching you all understand 'saturation magnetization when the magnetic flux reaches a certain amount to be infinite, to maintain in a certain number of state. Stability of irreversible loss about small magnets, the greater the stability. The maximum magnetic energy product ( BH) Max demagnetization curve on any bit of B and H is the product of Bm, Hm and ( BH) Represents the magnet magnetic energy density in air gap space, namely the unit volume of air gap magnetostatic energy, because the energy is equal to the magnet Bm and the product of Hm, so called magnetic energy product, the curve of magnetic energy product vary from B is called the magnetic energy curve, one of Bd and Hd product has a maximum value, known as the maximum magnetic energy product. Remanence Br will be removed after the magnet magnetized magnetic field, the rest of the magnetic induction intensity by magnet. Gauss meter is used to measure the magnetic induction intensity of the tool. Hysteresis loop in the magnetic field and ferromagnetic the relationship between the magnetic induction intensity and magnetic field strength may be shown on a curve, when the magnetizing field as a cycle of change, the relations between magnetic induction intensity and magnetic field intensity in the ferromagnet is a closed line, the closed line is called the hysteresis loop. Poles of a permanent magnet on a specific location features, to distinguish the north ( N) The Antarctic ( S) 。 Most of plating/coating ndfeb magnets plating or coating to protect magnet material from corrosion. Neodymium magnets is mainly composed of neodymium iron and boron three kinds of material composition, if there is no coating, magnet of iron will rust. Most of the magnet is a triple plating nickel, copper, nickel, but there are some gold-plated, silver, or black nickel, and other have been coated with epoxy resin, plastic or rubber of neodymium magnets. Magnetic flux density of magnetic induction intensity of an alias, it indicates how much vertical through the lines of magnetic force per unit area, usually with gaussian ( CGS) To measure the magnetic flux lines. That is about the magnets related terms, Ricky xiaofu by dongguan strong magnetic card suppliers finishing editing, our company's main all kinds of permanent magnets, magnet, high tenacity high-temperature and motor motor magnets, magnet has the need to welcome customers to inquire.
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