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teenage girls have major surgery after swallowing \'piercings\'

by:Newland     2019-09-20
Two girls aged 13 and 14, respectively, need large intestine surgery after swallowing fake tongue perforation.
Another girl was taken to hospital for abdominal complications after eating powerful magnetic components.
The \"Perforation\" consists of two magnets placed on both sides of the tongue to simulate the true perforation.
A warning letter has been sent to schools in Nottingham county and a call has been made to make the accessory illegal.
The Notting City Council said that if swallowed separately, the intensity of magnetic attraction could cause \"serious physical damage\" to the intestines \".
The England public health company informed the trade standards group in Nottingham City and Nottingham County Council about the case involving the three girls.
Toby Neil, a lawmaker at Nottingham City, said this fake magnetic ring should be illegal.
\"It\'s really worrying and we hope these young girls will recover quickly,\" he added . \".
\"The children are using these heights.
Power magnets mimic tongue piercing, they do not consider danger, in some cases the danger may be lifethreatening.
The council says fake piercings and \"pirate balls\"
Magnetic balls for making shapes and structures-
It is easy to buy and can be bought online.
Gordon Wheeler, member of Nottingham County, added: \"Due to the legal status of these products, our trading standards team is unable to act on any store or website that sells these products.
\"However, we call on all responsible retailers to stop selling immediately and we call on members of Congress and the government to ban these products as early as possible.
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