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teen swallows rare-earth magnets, undergoes emergency surgery

by:Newland     2019-10-21
Note: magnets can be very dangerous.
A Florida teenager learned a lesson directly after accidentally swallowing rare food
Earth magnet at school last month.
Christin Rivas, 14, was rushed to the emergency room for X-
Ray, but the doctor sent her home and told Riva\'s mother that the magnet would pass.
Five days later, the teenager underwent an emergency operation, during which the magnet-
And part of her colon and appendix. -were removed.
Now Rivas is sharing her story in the hope of warning others about the dangers of playing magnets.
\"I do think this is one of the stupid moments for the kids,\" Rivas told ABC News . \".
\"I\'m going to the bathroom because I don\'t want to put them on the floor so I put them in my mouth.
I don\'t really want.
The kids on the other side said something that made me laugh and swallowed them.
Unlike ordinary magnets, these six rare magnets
Shortly before Thanksgiving, the earth magnet that Rivas accidentally swallowed was very powerful.
If multiple magnets are ingested, they gather together in the body, causing great damage to the digestive system.
The Consumer Product Safety Committee, which oversees sales of American products, likened the response to \"gunshot wounds to internal organs, no signs of entry or exit,\" according to Huffington Post, published on October.
The safety committee estimates that between 2009 and 1,700, at least 2011 children were taken to the emergency room for the intake of rare foodearth magnets (
Sometimes sold as a pirate).
Earlier this year, 9-year-
Old Brandon Bruce Ki also had to undergo emergency surgery after swallowing two rare foodsearth magnets.
According to the Chicago Tribune, the young boy fell into the emergency room due to the magnetic attraction of his stomach and severe stomach cramps.
Number of children injured with rare illness
The earth magnet part is a factor in the closure of Maxfield & Oberton Holdings ---
Companies that make buc balls--in late 2012.
After a rare complaint was filed by the safety committee asking the company to stop selling dangerous products, Maxfield & Oberton chose to close the store.
\"Don\'t even want to touch them or buy them,\" Rivas told the Orlando Sentinel . \".
\"I messed up my intestines.
I was worried on the road.
\"While Riva\'s advice is rare to avoid --
The earth magnet seems to be a bit extreme, and the situation in which the child is seriously injured after swallowing the toy is indeed a warning.
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