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Teach you know magnet tiles, magnetic tile specifications written format

by:Newland     2020-03-26
For couples who just contact the magnet industry, must be very strange for magnetic tile, magnetic tile parts on behalf of what? Magnetic tile written writing format is correct? Ricky magnet card manufacturers today small make up will come and chatter with you. Magnetic tile diagram by magnetic tile diagram above we can clearly know which parts of the magnetic tile, where is clear. An of, magnet industry was pretty good actually, so magnetic tile a writing format is what? We need to know. Within the outer arc magnetic tile format: R * R arc chord axial length width * L * H * W high arch * T wall thickness in this paper, by the dongguan strong magnet manufacturers original share xiaofu, reprint please indicate the source, thank you, respect yourself, respect others is to respect yourself. Guess you attention related magnetic tile articles; Stick on dc motor magnetic tile glue varieties collected motor used in magnetic tile drawings, magnetic tile 2 d figure display ( Figure) Ndfeb magnetic tile in the application of brushless motor magnet products related columns; Ndfeb strong magnetic tile of permanent magnetic ferrite magnetic tile
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