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Talk about the advantages of nickel plating

by:Newland     2020-04-18
There are three main aspects of ndfeb magnet process? Plating? Ndfeb is important plating nickel plating and galvanized. Nickel according to different coating structure, the nickel plating is divided into single nickel, nickel, nickel, copper, nickel, etc. According to the appearance of color can be divided into deep nickel, bright nickel and bright nickel. Generally, the nickel plating nickel is bright nickel copper nickel and bright nickel and a half. Nickel plating coating has the advantage of relative wear resistance and good environmental resistance. What's worse, the nickel layer is ferromagnetic material. Magnets can have a certain influence on the magnetic properties. Especially for thin and small products. The improved method is to use part of the copper layer. Instead. Chemical nickel and nickel - plating Phosphorus alloy ferromagnetic weaker, but more troublesome, to plating coating is usually not used as a mainstream. Than chemical nickel plating nickel and nickel are relatively uniform. However, it is not directly on the summary of base plating, chemical nickel using plenty of complexing agent, reducing agent, short the service life of plating solution and low drive. High energy consumption, and therefore cannot be used in the mainstream plating, nickel plating nickel, according to the requirements of coating can be gold-plated, silver, tin, chromium substitute, imitation gold, black nickel. Galvanized ndfeb usually use chloride zinc plating. From the point of view of domestic production, galvanized is big type of plating, especially electric bicycle electric magnetic steel plating is more outstanding. Electroplating advantage is cheap and convenient, and the zinc layer is not ferromagnetic. Defect is abrasion resistance and weatherability than nickel plating. After galvanized, usually for passivation.
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